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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rumors of Republican Death Greatly Exaggerated

I`ll be the first to admit that I`m not a top-flight observer of the domestic political scene like John Tabin or Steve Rankin, and I`m definitely not a Robert Novak, but I tend to do fairly well, and I just don`t buy this idea that the Democrats are going to take both houses in the November elections; they just don`t have anything to offer. According to Robert Novak:

The conventional wisdom about the 2006 elections among both Republicans and Democrats now is that the Democrats will take control of the House and could also win the Senate. One House Republican committee chairman, who publicly exudes optimism, privately predicts -- and has predicted for six months -- a loss of 30 House seats.

This defeatism stems, I think, from the same source that has lead the Republicans to betray their own base-an unnatural fear of the media and a belief that America is somehow a ``centrist`` nation. The government shutdown under Clinton boomeranged against Republicans, and they have maintained a ``duck and cover`` policy ever since. They have lead from behind, with moistened fingers in the air. The problem is, when fingers are moistened in Washington, they always dry on the left side because Washington is NOT middle America, and the winds blow contrary to those of the rest of the Republic.

Science fiction writer Larry Niven (whom I mentioned in my piece about Superman below) created an alien species who were cowards, and who would hire others (primarily humans) to do the dangerous work for them. Their leader was called Hindmost, because he lead his people from the rear; this description fits the Republicans perfectly! They so fear leading from the front that they are prepared to lose to avoid such unpleasantness.

The fact is, a smidgen of backbone on their parts would melt the Democrats like the morning dew. The Dem`s have NOTHING, but the Republicans still won`t take the initiative to put them in the grave. Consider this from Novak:

The fiercely partisan tone by Democrats was reflected this week when House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) attacked visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for criticizing the Israeli assault on southern Lebanon, with Pelosi calling for a boycott of his speech to Congress. So much for the notion that the reaction to the Mideast crisis would be bipartisan.

Now, the Democrats have obstructed any rational Mid-East policy, and did not offer any support of Israel in this crisis, yet they have the unmitigated gall to try to use this as a campaign issue! This could easily be blown out of the water by the Republicans, yet they remain strangely silent on this issue. The Dems continually hand them the hanging rope, and the Republicans continually hand it back to them.

The Republicans have numerous issues they could lead on-border security, abortion, stem-cell research, tax reform, oil, etc. The President (whom I rarely praise these days) vetoed the stem-cell initiative, and the Republican`s knees are knocking, because they think this will hurt them! I hate to point out to them that the President showed principle, and that is something the American people are desperate for. If they would show some principle themselves they would n`t be in this pickle.

Still, I suspect things are going to be much tighter in November, even without any intelligent action on the part of the Republicans. The Democrats have no statesmen, and I suspect America understands the need for statesmanship at this moment in time. Are they willing to turn Congress over to the cut-and-run Democrats at such a critical moment?

I have more faith in the populace than to believe that!

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