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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Rumblings of Rebellion?

A number of Democrats and the Left in general are moving beyond appearances into open treason.

Everyone is worried about a civil war in Iraq; perhaps we need to worry about one happening here?



Blogger Demosthenes said...

Your post is a grave error. The NYT has committed actual treason and should be prosecuted for it. If we go around seeing treason and rebellion in the intemperate speech of our political opponents, we undermine the case of getting back treason as a crime. Let's keep accusations of treason and rebellion to the real thing.

On another subject, I seem to remember a good bit of the right wing using intemperate language during the administration of the last president.

11:30 AM  
Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

On another subject, I seem to remember a good bit of the right wing using intemperate language during the administration of the last president.

We weren`t at war, Demosthenes, and nobody advocated the overthrow of the President-just his legal removal for high crimes and misdemeanors such as witness tampering, perjury, obstruction of justice, etc.

I agree the NYT is guilty of treason-they divulge classified information to damage the war effort, and they should be prosecuted. Unfortunately, it ain`t gonna happen. That`s really too bad, because they should be punished for their crimes.

It bears repeating; Abraham Lincoln suspended the writ of Habeus Corpus, he jailed uncooperative journalists, he muzzled individual free speech because of the War. FDR rounded up Japanese/Americans and interned them in camps, he came down like a ton of bricks on his opposition, and that with a friendly press which hid his disability from the public. This President has wiretapped calls to the enemy to disrupt operational plans, and liberals call him Hitler and demand he be removed from office. This is not acceptable dissent. There is a line between dissent, which is valid criticizm, and treason which is giving aid and comfort to the enemy. Why, Demosthenes, do you think the insurgency in Iraq has continued? Because the ``loyal opposition`` has given them every hope that they can win politically what they cannot win militarily. The Democrats have been giving aid and comfort, and that is treason.

I see your point, and there is a case to be made for it, but I think that add in the NYT can be called treasonous; look at what the Patriots did to people who expressed any loyalist sentiments during the Revolution. This is much stronger stuff.

We cannot continue to tolerate this sort of thing. I`m not advocating their prosecution, but I am saying that America should know them for the traitors they are, and I`m going to continue to spread the message.

Thanks for writing. I checked out your blog, and it looks pretty good!

5:46 AM  

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