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Friday, July 28, 2006

Red Star Resorts

Michael Savage has described Liberalism as a mental illness. So have I, and a great many sensible people are reluctantly forced to agree. An unscientific poll of Democratic Underground suggests that the posters would agree with that sentiment, as does clinical psychologist Robert Godwin.

The Left has become a collection of vagrants and bag ladies, and they are in the process of destroying the once-respected Democrat Party. They have used that party like a homeless shelter, scaring any rational people away and condemning it to minority status. Where will they be when the Democrats are gone?

These poor souls need professional help. Perhaps we can establish a chain of resorts in Cuba and Venezuela where the deranged Lefties can get their heads together. They can shout anti-American slogans, march in protest, wear red stars, and call each-other comrads. Maybe by acting out, they will get this out of their systems?

It`s worth a try, at any rate!

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