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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Crushing the Spiritual Head of Jihad (A Spiritual Proposition)

In a piece dovetailing with my own, Mattias Caro writes about the Pope`s recent apology to rampaging Moslems about his quote of a Byzantine emperor`s critique of Islam.

``Resist the Devil and he will flee from you`` sayeth the Bible, and Islamic Jihad is no different; it must be resisted both physically and, more importantly, spiritually. Those of good will living under Sharia must be forced to look into the mirror of moral authority, must see the hideous beast which lurks in their midst. This is a war of spiritual as well as temporal means, and a righteous, moral stand by those with true spiritual authority is what will win this.

Islam is not a monolithic religion, and one interpretation is as good as another regarding how one submits to Allah. That is what makes it so difficult; no Moslem has the right to challenge the jihadists, since there is no authority to appeal to for clarification of right and wrong. Granted, the Koran sets some guidelines, but it never created a structure to fall back on. The Jews have the Law, Christians have the codes of the Bible and the commandments, Catholics have all of these plus the Apostolic succession and the authority of Rome. In many ways, Islam relies on personal revelation and interpretation of the Will of Allah.

This can be overcome, if it can be shown to the Moslem people that the Jihadists are evildoers, but this will never happen until those in positions of moral authority take a stand. Personally, I would like to see the Islamic World consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by the Pope; the Islamic world venerates Mary, and this would be a very powerful tool both in a spiritual sense (Christ WILL honor such a consecration to His Mother) as well as in a more earthly, moral manner. Will Bin-Laden spit on the Venerable Mary? If he does, will decent, believing Moslems have anything to do with his like? This would take a great deal of wind out of the Jihadist sails. It will place them under a greater spiritual authority. God spoke a great prophecy to Eve ``I will place emnity between your seed (the serpent) and her seed. You shall bruise its heel and he shall crush your head``. The serpent of Jihad has bruised many heels; it`s time for the Gospa to crush his spiritual head.

Even if you are a nonbeliever, the benefit of this should be obvious; religious beliefs are driving these terrorists, so we should use whatever religious firepower is at our disposal. The Blessed Virgin is greatly respected and admired in the Islamic world, and a consecration of Islam to the Immaculate Heart would carry profound moral weight among the people. How can the enemy call for Jihad against Christendom after such a blessing? If you look at it through their eyes you will see that they can`t.

Until the world makes up it`s mind to reject the deep spiritual malady that is festering within Islam (and the equally bad malady of materialism and postmodernism festering in our own)we face an impossible task.

Jesus cast out demons from the possessed, and He promised that his disciples would perform even greater miracles. It`s time for the Christian world to practice what we preach and cast the dragon out of the Holy City. A blessing by the Holy Father, a consecration of the Islamic World would be a good start.



Anonymous religion of pieces said...

Anti-pope hatefest outside cathedral in Londonistan:

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Mike Austin said...

We need not worry about Osama spitting upon Mary. Recall that we Americans have already placed elephant dung upon her statue.

Islam is wicked because it is false. Allah and God have nothing in common. Even a most cursury examinations of Suras and Gospels will show this.

CS Lewis was way ahead of us: "Horrible religions make horrible nations." Quite right.

5:44 PM  
Blogger Timothy Birdnow said...

Thanks, ROP; it does not surprise me!

I agree 100% Mike-Islam is an Anti-Christ. So is Western Modernism.

I hadn`t heard the Lewis quote, but Lewis is quite right (and brilliant as ever.)

5:19 AM  

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