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Monday, September 11, 2006

Short Attention Spans and the Long War

Americans have short attention spans, and short memories, and most of us have forgotten what happened on 9/11/01. (Of course, the Mainstream Media has done all in their power to erase the horror of that day, because it hurts their pet political party.) Sadly, we have drifted back into the political mire, engaging in the petty partisan bickering which characterized the `90`s. I suppose this was inevitable, since the ``Baby Boomers``, the most self-centered and narcissistic generation in American history are now in charge of the country. They are the ones who gave us flower power, ``give peace a chance``, ``power to the people``, and every crackpot socialistic idea which has come down the pike. (I happen to be a member of this parliament of dunces generation myself, by the way.)

The response to the terror attacks on 9/11 concerned me from the start; people were upset and a bit angry, but they were viewed more as a great tragedy than as something someone had done to us. There was some anger, but we immediately heard the call for a ``measured response``. After Pearl Harbor-a military base on a somewhat obscure island territory in the Pacific-the Nation turned out in droves to kill those ``Jap bastards``. There was none of this pussyfooting around, this weepy sentimentality which have infected public attitudes since the towers fell. Sentimentality does not win wars. Nobody ever wept their way to victory. What was needed then, and is in even greater need now, is anger; Americans should be very angry, and that anger should be against our enemies.

The problem is, too many in this country don`t understand the fragility of what we have and that we have no immortal role in history. Providence gave us the right men and the right time, the material means to accomplish what we have, and both good fortune and a system which fostered our success. It was nothing short of miraculous that a nation like the United States came into existence. I believe that the faith of our fathers lead to these blessings from the Almighty, and that those blessings can just as easily be withdrawn if our generation should prove faithless. At any rate, we are not the anointed; our role is not our birthright, and our position in the world has to be continually renewed and defended. Unfortunately, too many of our fellow citizens don`t grasp this, and find it too easy to believe that the only real enemies are political opponents. These people are living in an alternate reality-in a world which exists only inside of their heads. As the writer Phillip K. Dick stated ``reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, won`t go away``. They have stopped believing in reality, but the threat won`t go away. We can LOSE everything; it has happened many times to many nations, cultures, and peoples in the past. However, too many in America do not believe that is possible, and are more concerned with their sniveling little concerns.

We see this in the abysmal failure to develop any war propaganda; the anthem for this war is Lee Greenwood, which is a nice little tune but hardly something to inspire one to charge into battle. Where are the stirring songs? The Star Spangle Banners, the Battle Hymns? Where are there no calls on the citizenry to ``do your part to beat those lousy bastards`` as in past wars? We are more concerned with hamstringing the war effort than in winning it. Given the turn-tail-and-run policies of the Democrats, why are they not positioned to lose seats in Congress rather than gain them? How can a public which has lost just a few thousand soldiers in 5 years of fighting and has never had to go on a war footing be war weary? We are not made of the same stuff as our fathers.

I fear that America is going to lose this thing, because Americans are living in a hall of mirrors and just can`t understand that we are in a real war with real enemies who really do want to kill us. We had better awaken from this dream-time, and soon, or reality will wake us in a manner not of our choosing.

Cal Thomas makes this observation (courtesy of the Federalist);

“’Remember the Alamo,’ ‘Remember the Maine’ and ‘Remember Pearl Harbor’ were rallying cries from past wars. Why do Americans have to be reminded to remember? We had better not forget 9/11 and the signal it sent. The enemy won’t forget. For him, 9/11 was a continuation in a long war against America. He thinks he can wait us out. He thinks we’re weak and will wilt before his demands in order to save our lives. He is betting everything he is right. Is he? Ask me on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.” —

Cal Thomas



Anonymous Mike Austin said...

Indeed. I am tired of all the weepy, hand-wringing sentimentality that even the right-wing blogs indulge themselves in.

I wish they would STFU and act as men and stop the mewling and teary eyes. It embarrasses.

We should have gone to war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran all at once after 9/11. Many were those who said this. Instead, we got a measured, claculated response.

We went to war with Italy, Japan, Germany and all of their sycophants all at once after Pearl Harbor. If we cannot do today what we did 60 years ago we are not a great power.

And remember that George Will wanted war with Iran in 1980. He was right.

What the Hell will it take to fight this war? I look at the Left and see verifiable mental and spiritual illness. These people are not suited to act as citizens of a Republic. They are as Aristotle said, 'natural slaves.' They would be happy to be conquered.

This mentality is as much an enemy of free people as those perverse Islamic killers.

1:37 AM  

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