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Monday, September 04, 2006

Enemies of God

Our friend Brandon Stanley from Enemies Foreign and Domestic has his nihilistic friends after him again; a radical atheist site has reposted his blog piece A Polemic Against Atheism and Brandon is being treated to the usual condescension, ad hominem personal attacks, and brownshirt rhetoric we`ve come to expect from the radical Atheists.

There are two kinds of atheists-those who I refer to as ``in progress``, people who are uncertain about the existence of God, but who have normal amounts of common sense and don`t begrudge those who believe, and the radicals. Radical atheism is generally tied in with leftist ideology, and it is missionaristic and intolerant of any other view. These are the radical Darwinists, the Marxists and neo-Nazis, the radical Deathheads (for those of you new to this blog a Deathhead is one of the left-wingers who elevates the power to kill to a sacrament of the Church of Nothing. See this piece and this one.) It is the latter group which has taken after Brandon, and their comments are dripping with venom. Why so angry? I suppose Brandon touched a nerve.

It doesn`t really matter; the radical Atheists are always angry, because they have willfully rejected God. I don`t believe that their rejection of Faith (as opposed to the ``in progress`` types) was an act of intellect but rather an act of defiance. They are at war. God and His followers must be crushed; there is not room on this planet for them. That`s why these Atheist sites tend to be 1.left wing 2.full of impolite language and attitude 3.seething with barely concealed rage. This has nothing to do with a search for the truth-it is about the enthronement of Man as Lord of Creation, and the removal of belief in a Creator.

Oh, I know they deny it; there was a post on this site laughing at the concept. Still, removing God from your life gives you a heady sense of freedom, since you are now the sole arbiter of moral agency. Somebody has to be God, and if it`s not going to be Him it will be you. Atheism grants power to its adherents.

But Man was not made to be his own god, and there is an inherent sense that something is out of kilter when we deny the existence of the Divine. THAT is why religions-especially Christianity-must be destroyed; the sense of guilt runs deep in these individuals. Ultimately they know they`re playing a game, and it eats away at them. That`s why they launch attacks such as the one unleashed on Brandon; they seek to kill the Deity they have rejected.

It is, of course, ultimately a futile strategy because they cannot obliterate the evidence for God, nor can they soothe their guilty consciences. No matter how much wrath is poured out, they will still find their souls empty and their victory pyrrhic.

Of course, nobody likes to be called names, and Brandon has shown real character, attempting to elevate the discussion. A couple of the posters on the Atheist site complained that he didn`t publish their comments. Why should he? Given what I saw on their site it is doubtful the comments were either courteous or germane, and Brandon doesn`t have to allow these screwballs to take over his site. He wants to keep this on a civil level.

We need more Brandon Stanleys in this world; he renews my faith in the future!



Anonymous Mike Austin said...

You said it well. True atheism is a logical impossibility. Everyone has a god. It can be pornography or money or power or alcohol, or it can be God Himself. An atheist does indeed have a god. It is the fellow who stares back at him in the mirror.

11:29 AM  
Blogger StaticNoise said...

Tim - I am currently reading "A Case For Christianity" by CS Lewis. What a thinker he was! What he says just makes so much sense.

He starts out the book talking about the unwritten moral law that spans all time and all cultures (most easily pictured when we see two younsters in a conflict and one says "hey, that's not fair!" which is an instinctive reaction for someone who has been wronged). These angry atheists also instinctively know there really is a moral law that is "in" us and that this law of Right and Wrong had to come from somewhere - it can not be simply a random confluence like they want us to believe our remarkable universe is - it can not be a human construct or a learned behavior since it is instinctive and universal...

Have you ever noticed that people who know, really know, they are in the wrong are the ones who lash out angrily?

2:47 PM  

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