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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Violence of the Lambs

For a religion of Peace, many Moslems are certainly quick to make mayhem. Our friend Religion of Pieces directs our attention to this blog from Britain giving us a birds-eye view of the protests outside of Westminster Cathedral.

This reminds me of the old story about the schoolyard bully who, when called a goon by one of the braver schoolboys, soundly pummels the young lad for insulting his reputation. If you are not a goon, you wouldn`t need to use violence to prove otherwise; if Islam is a religion of Peace, Moslems wouldn`t resort to violence and threats to prove that it is.

Of course, many Moslems claim the word Islam means Peace, but it also means submission; in short, Peace IS submission to Islam, and if you fail to submit the peaceable followers of the Prophet will knock your teeth out. The Lions are not lying down with the lambs; the lambs ARE the lions!!

This is not to say that all Moslems are bad people, but the religion is inherently violent, and the more pius the Moslem the more likely he is to support conversion by the sword (I purposely say he, by the way.) There are some who would like to change the traditional Islamic view, to make it more in tune with a gentler age, and there are those who practice Islam out of tradition, or fear, or just to get along. These are the people we need to reach, the ones who have to stand up and say ``enough!``, and these are NOT the ones who are rampaging over the Pope`s comments.

The attraction of Islam has always been-outside of keeping your head attached to your shoulders-it`s simplicity and lack of real dogma. Islam is, essentially, a Faith based on the belief in One True God, one True Prophet, almsgiving and 5 a-day prayers while facing Mecca. There is a basic code of ethics laid down in the Koran, and there are exhortations imposed on believers, but that is it. There really is NO dogma of the Faith, no theology, no Church as we in the West understand it. Judaism is decentralized by Western standards, yet it is positively rigid compared to Islam. Although we have Ayatollahs, Mullahs, and other clerics in Islam, theirs is not a hierarchical structure, and clerics can and do issue competing Fatwas which one can pick and choose from. One cleric will issue a Fatwa and declare it binding, but another can issue the opposite and likewise declare it binding. In the end, the individual Moslem must decide which way to go; this means that purely temporal means must be exercised to implement a religious edict. There is no Pope laying down the law of the Church, no ecclesiastical council, no governing RELIGIOUS authority to bind the believer-the believer is bound by conscience and force of arms.

This Jiminy Cricket strategy means that Allah is leading the terrorists as surely as He is leading the moderate (perhaps an oxymoron), and therefore the concept of the Islamic Fascist hijacking the Religion is poppycock; they cannot be viewed as criminals, since there is no enforceable standard from which to measure. Granted, their vision is the one winning in Islam, but they would argue that it is because Allah wills it. It certainly isn`t a criminality on their part-he average Moslem cannot argue that it is.

It should, theoretically, be possible for Islam to evolve. This will require large numbers of relatively quiet Moslems to say ``enough``, that persuasion will win souls better than compulsion and that Allah is dishonored by men exercising a brutality which could far more easily be exercised by God if He wished it. If Man is made in the image of God (and I believe the Moslems agree with this) then compulsory submission is an infirmnia, an abomination, a strangling of the Divine gift. That must be gotten through to the masses of Islam.

But, the Islamic world is enthralled by a demon, and the stick generally has to precede the carrot. The evil Moslem, the violent and aggressive, must first be destroyed. I cannot emphasize that enough; they will never end their war until they lie a mouldrin in the grave.

Japan is, today, a peaceful and prosperous place, but historically the Japanese were a fierce and warlike peoples. What happened? Most of their warriors DIED during the Second World War, and it became possible for the gentler and more civilized Japanese (think Hirohito) to rebuild their society on a more rational basis. This lesson should not be lost here; the Islamic world cannot be rebuilt until the men who hold these lands in bondage are destroyed, and the spiritual darkness imposed by their respective demons are bound.

Unfortunately, the West has neither the will nor the moral authority to just say no, and the war against Christendom that the Jihadists continue to fight is horribly misplaced; there hasn`t been a Christendom in a long, long time. Now, if we could convince them that the real enemies are the forces of atheism and modernism, perhaps the bombs would stop and they would turn their ingenuity towards other goals?

Fat chance. The bellicosity has to be removed from them first, and that can only happen through the basest of struggles, and the rise of moral indignation. The average Moslem must see that radicalism will fail, and that Jihad is something immoral. This is why I suggest the Pope intervene further. He should issue a major proclamation about Islam. I repeat my call for him to consecrate the Islamic world to the Immaculate Heart.

This is going to be a long and bitter struggle. It already has been.



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