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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day; Worshipping the Creature

Timothy Birdnow

Today is Earth Day, the holiest of high holy days for the Gang Green, those worshippers of Gaia the green goddess (yes, that tart).

I find it ironic that Urf Day falls on the highest of high holy days in the Christian calender - Good Friday - this year. Ironic because 1.We have a president who calls himself "the one we have been waiting for" and supports environmentalist causes to the point of banning offshore drilling for oil and demanding that the EPA impose regulations on carbon despite losing in court and defying the public will. 2.We have a president who appears more Islamic and secular than Christian. 3.We have the rise of Islamism in the Middle East, a rise masquerading as democratic change and fully supported by the U.S., including American military power.

What it says to me is that we are entering a time unlike the times that have proceeded us. America has been a bullwark for Christianity and Judaism, yet she appears to be turning her back on the faiths that made her strong, and gave her purpose. Not twenty years ago people still spoke fairly openly about God, and Easter was still a major holiday. Much is written about the war on Christmas (which is a harder nut to crack because people enjoy the traditions and merrymaking so much) but what is forgotten is Easter; it has slipped into relative ignominity. That is why Earth Day being on Good Friday this year is so rankling; it elevates worship of the goddess over worship of our Saviour.

I wrote about the pagan roots and heritage of environmentalism a few years ago at American Thinker. Read it here:

The forces of the Left knew they were not strong enough to replace Christianity with nothing, so they have created a new god, actually an ancient one has been elevated to replace the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. One does not kill God; one has to replace Him. The Left used many different competitors; gods of lust, gods of greed, gods of hubris, of war, of science. The goddess is merely one more competitor, albeit a very effective one since she is sold to the young as altruism. She ostensibly "saves the world" but can do nothing for the soul, which will outlive the world by a considerable span. The soul has been an early casualty in the triumph of liberalism worldwide, one that our would-be masters say "good riddence" to because there is no temporal power over those who believe they live forever with a loving Creator.

In short, the Gang Green and other lefties want nothing short of murdering the Most High. It is the final triumph of human ambition over Divine purpose. Starting with Adam and the Fall, there have been men and women who have sought a way outside of God's path, and they have waged war (the same war waged by a certain rebel Cherub in the mists beyond time and space) and I fear we are reaching the culmination of that war, one foretold by the Prophets. Earth Day is eclipsing Easter, and Man is fast trading the incorruptible glory of the spirit for a worship of the creature, the base, the decaying. We have become rough brutes.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Man! It will be short and terrible!

Oh, and a happy Earth Day!

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