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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

America Online, The Associated Press and Donald Trump

Jack Kemp

Arianna Huffington’s new employer, America Online, on its home page, features an Associated Press article telling of Trump as the frontrunner in the 2012 Republican nomination sweepstakes. The fact that this story is on the home page is about as much of an accident as someone who offers to play poker with you "just so happening to have a deck on him." After all, if you can’t trust Huffington and the Associated Press to tell you who the Republican frontrunner is, who can one trust? Howard Dean?

In an article entitled "Palin Losing Steam; Trump Gaining Traction for 2012 Presidential Bid,"|main5dl1|sec1_lnk2|56870 the Associated Press beats the drum for Donald Trump as the 2012 Republican nominee.

But notice even before they start their reportage of Trump being in front of the race, the article invokes the name of the "washed up" potential candidate, Sarah Palin. For someone who supposedly has no chance of winning the nomination or the election, the liberal media can't stop talking about her. Recently Gov. Palin urged the Republicans to "fight like a girl." The Associated Press replied by raising their skirts and showing their Freudian Slip, mentioning Palin even before the main subject of their article, Donald Trump. But I digress.

I would refer to The Donald as "McTrump," the second coming of John McCain. Trump is more abrasive than McCain, but Trump would fill the bill as the AP's - and the Democrats' - politically acceptable nominee for all "right thinking" (read: Bob Michel permanent minority) Republicans. The New York Times virtually promises to say nothing significant against Trump - as it did with McCain - until the night he actually receives the Republican Party's nomination for the Presidency. If you think the attacks on McCain were bad, wait until you see the Democratic attacks on a three time married billionaire gambling casino owner who has donated $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel and has spoken well of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Trump has more baggage than Samsonite and is a Democrat's fantasy league candidate to either take the Republican nomination or run as a third party spoiler. Perhaps Ross Perot could lend Trump the voodoo stick he waved around in his television appearances.

Notice the name of the internet link above refers to this article as saying Republican insiders embrace Donald Trump. That is precisely the problem - whether it is true or something the AP wishes to be true. Republican insiders, i.e., RINOs, country club Republicans, would be on some back bench in the House staring at Speaker Pelosi's gavel in the distance if it weren't for the Republican OUTSIDERS better known as the Tea Party.

The article also refers to Herman Cain as “little known.” And how exactly would one characterize Barack Obama in 2007 - an up and coming hopeful? I guess they mean little known around the AP office water cooler.

The AP article mentions a CNN poll that shows Trump tied with Mike Huckabee for the current lead in getting the GOP Presidential nomination. Early polls are meaningless and the answers people give are more theater than politics. The phrasing of the questions isn't displayed in the article either. Yet what conservative - or standard Republican - wants to take nominating advice from a CNN poll, a political adversaries of the Right? I guess the AP couldn't find an Al Jazeera poll to quote. But then again, such a poll might have shown a preference for George Bush.

The article concludes by saying that Trump is in the spotlight, making a spectacle of himself, and Republicans wish someone else would vie for the center stage. To a real extent, others (such as Palin) have – but the mainstream media ignores them when they do. I suspect many candidates are budgeting their money and waiting for a time closer to the beginning of the classic presidential campaign time. Being prudent with money and self-exposure are either concepts unfamiliar to the mainstream media or part of their confusion in mistaking - or wishing - a Presidential campaign to be highly similar to a new season of "American Idol" or "Glee."

I wonder if the AP could hire former host Simon Cowell to explain the difference between the 2012 campaign and "American Idol." Scratch that. I wonder if AP could hire Chuck Barris to explain the difference between the 2012 campaign and "The Gong Show" or “Ted Mack’s Original Amateur Hour.”

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