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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fortune Telling banned in Iran - a joke

Jack Kemp

Atlas Shrugs points out that Iran has launched a war against occultism. The article states:

"Alireza Afshar, acting interior minister in executive affairs, told Nasim Online, a news website, that the ministry had commissioned a non-governmental organisation to identify those engaged in divination and exorcism as well as "deviant schools of thought and false Gnosticism".

Under Iranian laws various kinds of occultism are punishable by fines and jail terms of up to seven years.

Occult practices such as fortune-telling, divination and black magic have always existed in certain strata of Iranian society and were largely tolerated unless individuals claimed to be victimised or defrauded."

This brings to mind an old joke I will reuse in relation to Ahmadinejad - and a possible explanation for this crackdown by the Iranian government.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran was told by his intelligence sources that the Israelis would attempt to kill him on a Jewish holiday, but they could not identify which one. Desperate for the exact date, Ahmadinejad goes to the market in Tehran and seeks out a fortune teller's booth.

"The Israelis want to kill me on a Jewish holiday, but I don't know which one. Could you tell me?"

The fortune teller looks into her crystal ball, goes into a trance state - and then tells Ahmadinejad, "The Spirits tell me that any day you die will be a Jewish holiday!"

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