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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Massive wall of dust moves through the Phoenix Area

Ron De Haan

This is a totally natural event that happens once in a while. Solar power anyone?

Phoenix is situated in the middle of a desert.
The winds that bring the seasonal rain pick up the dust and sometimes they mix. The result is raining mud. The dust storm contains massive thermal energy as entire roofs were ripped of and gusty winds downed many trees.

Dust storms, just like volcanic eruptions distribute valuable minerals and nutrients over long distances, maintaining the cycle of life on our lands, lakes and oceans.
The smallest of the particles consist of potential cloud seeding condensation cores, essential for the promotion of rain.

This storm shows the lunacy of fine dust measurements as a proxy of air pollution limiting car access to city centers and forcing citizens to buy new cars with ever higher CAFE standards.

All of mankind is made responsible for natural occurring events, natural dust and CO2, now called man made pollution.

Our planet is in no need of saving, we are.


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