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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Wind Farms and a Parliament of Dunces

Timothy Birdnow

Wind power - one of the hallmarks of "Green Energy" - is proving an even bigger boondoggle than everyone thought.

Because the wind only blows at certain times, huge arrays of windmills must be built, ruining the picturesque nature of the landscape, killing birds, and generally making nuisances of themselves. But they are helping the environment, right?


Turns out those windmills, at least in Great Britain (which is dashing madly to become Lessor Britain as it de-industrializes itself) must be insured with backup generators powered by natural gas. Those generators have to be kept going for peak hours and whatnot, so they are running in neutral, producing no power but sucking up fuel.

Oh, and they are emitting as much in terms of greenhouse gases as fully operational power plants.

Does this green madness know no bounds? We could dispense with the stupid windmills, but they are intended to make us environmentally conscious, so we run the mills but do not generate power with the generators. Prices do not fall. We get exactly nothing, except to make some leftist doo-gooders feel dandy.

Oh, and the British taxpayers have to subsidize the inefficient and ugly things.

Britain is truly ruled by a parliament - a parliament of dunces!

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