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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not Evil Just Wrong (Well, Maybe Evil)

Timothy Birdnow

Here are a few posts by Dr. Roy Spencer that demolish the IPCC and the alarmist vision of Anthropogenic Global Warming:

Spencer shows that the IPCC has grossly overexaggerated climate sensitivity and that the thermogeddon predicted is just bunk.

From the second article:

The evidence for anthropogenic global warming being a false alarm does not get much more convincing than this, folks.

Using a combination of the GISS-assumed external forcings for long-term temperature changes, and an El Nino/La Nina internal forcing term for year-to-year variability, a simple Forcing-Feedback-Diffusion (FFD) model explains 90% of the variance in ocean heat content variations in the surface-to-50 meter depth layer since 1955 (click for full-size version):

The dashed lines are 3rd order polynomial fits; I have included a small offset between the model and observation data so you can see those trend curves, otherwise they would lie on top of each other. Note that the model captures the lack of warming since about 2003.

End excerpt.

This IS convincing; be sure to read the whole thing!

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