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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Terror Executions

Timothy Birdnow

Texas has executed a killer who murdered Muslim men at convenience stores after the 911 attacks.

Strange; a Google search didn't reveal how many Muslim terrorists we have executed. I suspect few. We seem more worried about protecting them than about protecting our own citizenry.

Now, I have no problem with this guy being executed; murder must be punished severely. I do have a problem with the numbers of terrorists we are holding without taking any real punative action. Why aren't we publicly executing these guys?

Because we are cowards - and the Islamic world knows it. What we pretend is mercy is really a politically-correct vision that it would appear mean to be executing brown, Third World peoples. And we fear reprisal. Now THAT reeks of cowardice, and the Islamic world understand how cowardly that really is. It engenders contempt for us.

You cannot win a war if the enemy does not feel beaten, yet we won't do what is necessary to beat the enemy. They have to fear you. Unfortunately, the way we have gone about this they are too busy laughing at us to fear us.

Does anybody have the numbers of terrorists executed in the U.S.? A Google search didn't turn anything up.

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