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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blind Man's Bluff

Timothy Birdnow

David Limbaugh has a good piece at the Patriot Post calling for the GOP to grow a spine with Obama.

From the article:

"I repeat: It is past time that Republicans take the gloves off and man their offensive battle stations. Obama's constant assumption of the offense and the Republicans' deferential defensive positioning create the illusion that Obama has more power than Congress and that he is not mainly culpable in the events giving rise to this impasse.

Whether or not he accepts this reality, Obama owns this economy and the alarming explosion of the debt in recent years. He is the one whose reckless policies have greatly exacerbated our dire financial condition. He is the one whose unconscionably wasteful and irresponsible economic policies have tanked the economy and suppressed employment. He is the one who, along with his party, has not presented a budget in 800 days. He is the one who formed a bipartisan deficit commission and then ignored its findings. He is the one who hasn't presented a concrete budgetary plan. He is the one who refuses to reform entitlements despite objective evidence that if we don't, the nation will go belly up. Yet he is the one who is pointing all the fingers of blame against the Republicans as if they were the culprits."

End excerpt.

I left the following comment on the message thread:

Timothy Birdnow

Excellent point, Mr. Limbaugh!

I am flabbergasted by the House GOP; why haven't they begun investigations into the Administration?

You have the New Black Panther thing, you have Gun Runner, you have the Administration's willful refusal to obey court orders, etc. They should have launched investigations into all of this. Obama should have been put on the defensive. He is in the driver's seat because they let him off the hook too many times.

There are serious grounds for impeaching Mr. Obama, and while that won't happen now the investigations should at least commence to shine the light on the cockroaches. The GOP is, of course, afraid to do this because Obama is a black man and they're afraid of the racism charge.


End comment.

There is serious evidence of actual lawbreaking by the Administration, and yet the GOP does nothing. They are the ones who have been on the defensive the entire time, despite the mandate handed to them by the public in the last election. Obama would never be laying this trap for them now if they had come out against him earlier.

In war, one does not let the enemy choose the place of battle. Our side has allowed Obama and the Democrats to do precisely that, and if we lose this battle over the debt ceiling we give Obama four more years. He was able to chose this field because we did not attack him where he is vulnerable. And if Obama wins this, the Tea Party walks. They go third party and all is lost.

That was why we should have demanded that the old guard like Boehner and McConnell be removed from the top spots. They have always gotten along to get along, and they will fold like a circus tent when the pressure grows too high. We need backbone.

Time to call Obama's bluff. Why not? That is all the man is, anyway.

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