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Monday, August 29, 2011

Global Warming; the Modern Eugenics

Timothy Birdnow

Wesley Smith posts on the roaring return of Global Warming to the current hurricane Irene situation.

The New York Times is (laughably) claiming that Irene is a portent of the ravages of out-of-control weather, the results of Global Warming. It has been proven that Global Warming has nothing to do with hurricanes, and if they do then one must ask why we have been in such a quiet hurricane period.

In the message thread people were claiming that AGW will be recognized as a terrible threat in the future, and one poster compared it to the peace conferences in the late 19th and early 20th centuries (prior to WWI). I left the following comment:

"It’s rather like eugenics; the hysteria of degrading the human species in the early 20th century is rightly laughed at now, but it was a real “scientific” crisis back then. That was the same pseudo-science with the same politicized studies as Global Warming. Eugenics was a crock, and AGW is turning out to be just as much of a crock.

It took a world war and the murder of millions to end the stupidity of eugenics. Hopefully Global Warming won’t claim as many casualties."

End comment.

Others have noted this comparison in better detail than I (read "Nazi Oaks" by Mark Musser) but it is self-evident if one bothers to look. The turn-of-the-century society in Europe and America was rife with pseudo-sciences like Phrenology, and eugenics was a big one. People really did fear the degradation of their genes (although they didn't yet know of genetics) by an admixture of non-European blood to the evolutionary pool. It was Darwinian evolution that drove this, I might add; Darwin and other 19th century scientists were firmly convinced that Man was ascending through natural selection, and that a nordic-type European was clearly more evolved than a black African. Since Europeans dominated the world they must be better adapted, more fit to survive than the weaker dark peoples, the thinking went.

And there were eugenics laws instituted. People were sterilized. People were classified based solely on race. In Virginia if one could find a black ancestor in a family tree the entire family was classified Negro and subsequently discriminated against, forced to attend segregated schools, to use "colored" facilities, the works. (Native American ancestry was given more generous leeway, because many early pioneers married Indian women and some of Virginia's most famous sons were Mestizo.)

It was at a place called Cold Spring Harbor labs in New York that a great deal of work on eugenics was done, and the eugenics records were kept there.

Eugenics swept the U.S., with laws being instituted to guarantee "racial hygene". The Germans seized upon this and ran, and they eventually instituted a much more aggressive policy of "racial hygene" that would attempt to liquidate whole nations and peoples. American eugenicists were pikers; they sought to reduce the numbers of unfavored groups by sterilization and legal methods only. (By the way, they spent a good deal of effort on people with illnesses, like epilepsy. They passed laws making it illegal to breed if you were an epileptic or had some other poorly understood illness.)

The Holocaust was the eventual result of eugenics. It was the natural culmination of this "science".

Now, at best attempts to prevent global warming will result in many people dying; poor people die in economic downturns, and should the modern luddites win there will be one tremendous economic downturn. This is actually part of the plan; the eco-nazis want to deindustrialize the world. They believe that times were better when in fact they were worse. The natural world offers such gifts as smallpox, tuberculosis, famines, floods, and other goodies. Human civilization was built precisely to avoid the joys of nature; they were to give us a stable environment in which to live and flourish. The Greens have turned things on their heads, arguing that more nature is the answer to our problems. It isn't; we are far better off with some control. But they cannot believe that the world isn't perfectable, that we cannot create a paradise here and now. So they seek to restore a garden of eden that never was, a natural paradise. And to do that they must de-industrialize the West.

Think of the suffering that such a monstrously demented policy will cause. The world's population will shrink, but not easily. It means hunger, poverty, deprivation. It means a worldwide New Holocaust, with those chosen to flourish by the elites doing well while those marked to go quietly into the good night extinguishing. It will be horrible should they get their way.

Eugenics did enough damage. Fortunately we woke from that terrible nightmare. Why do we want to fall into one as bad - or worse?

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