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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Of Hurricanes and Government

Jeff Bruzzo

My Prognosis: 1200 EST, 27AUG2011

It appears Irene has weakened to a cat – 1 Hurricane just before making landfall on the Outer Banks. The main reason is an inflow of dryer continental air being pulled into the feeder bands (1), due to proximity to land. Dry air has a negative effect on the engine of a hurricane... much like pumping money into an economic system.

As Irene is making landfall, expect winds to normally diminish as would be the case in any tropical system... loss of warm water and obstruction of the feeders from land on the west side.
So far, I have not noticed the central pressure rise in any significant amount to indicate major weakening. (952MB).

Conditions should remain favorable due the secondary jet stream caving into a trough on the west side of the storm and creating a bubble of warm moist tropical air all the way to Maine. The very slow speed of this system is indicative of this favorable bubble, allowing the Hurricane to basically “do what it wants” without losing much strength. The only shear effect can be noticed as the out flow encounters the Appalachian Mountains to some degree. Some slight steering can be expected as another weak cold front approaches from the North-Midwest (we call this Compression); hence the more westerly track over Long Island.

As Irene makes its way out over coastal waters of the Delmarva, expect any further diminishing of strength to lessen or possibly remain stable as it works its way up the coast...literally. (2) The eye should straddle the coast of NJ on its way north with a very slight veer to the west. This means Irene should remain as a strong Tropical Storm or Weak Cat – 1 Hurricane as it makes landfall somewhere over Western Long Island. I would say the convergence of the models would put that around Queens – Western Nassau County (My place). Mayor Bloomberg and the Progressive Governments of the area have already enacted their Doomsday plans, enabling further massive central control to keep everyone safe. Kind of sounds like the Patriot Act.

What this all means:

Coastal areas of NJ and NY can expect major flooding as the North-East quadrant of the storm pumps water into inlets and bays with Hurricane force winds. A tidal surge of between 5-8 feet can be expected. Some areas can be more or less due to there topography... similar to a Tsunami wave. Due to the longevity of this process and the slow movement of the system, expect this effect to be magnified by the arrival of possibly two normal high tides.

All areas affected by the wind field of say 35 MPH or greater can expect major tree damage, as many trees in the area have not seen such a wide-spread natural pruning of this magnitude since Hurricane Donna. While the winds themselves are not enough to topple power lines, it’s the falling limbs which cause all of the power outages and damage to homes and cars.. It would be a wise idea to secure cars in between buildings with no trees or park them in lots which hopefully will not flood.

1. All cyclonic systems depend upon warm air creating a lift for all the moisture and eventually having that moisture condense (cooling) at the top of the eye wall and spread outward as precipitation... much like a thunderstorm... of which the eye wall is comprised of many!
The circulation is counter-clockwise, in the northern hemisphere due to the Coreolis effect, with winds increasing towards the center of circulation... much like the axle on a bike wheel spinning faster than the rest of the wheel, except this centralized, counter-clockwise spinning rises
in a funnel we call the eye wall. (hot air rises – cold air sinks). What you have left is an area of extreme low pressure in the middle... the eye. (tornados too!)

2. The counter-clockwise cyclonic flow of a hurricane must at least remain over some favorable portion of water in order for the engine to remain strong (coastal track)... particularly the eye or central vortex. This is where the main rotation and lift occurs to feed the storm and its
subsequent outflow and copious quantities of rain.

My correlation of Hurricanes & the Government goes as follows:
Dry air to a Hurricane is like pumping money into our economy... it causes the system to go haywire and eventually stall.
Both have a centralized collective of sorts... the economy has The Fed & Gov’t... a Hurricane has its collective of massive thunderstorms circling around its center. Both collectives cause a lot of damage!
Wind shear to a Hurricane is much like the Tea Party to big Gov’t... it manages to slow down the destructive process of the collectives.
As steering effects gradually nudge a hurricane, so do steering effects by unregulated government agencies nudge the passive Sheeple.
While Hurricanes prune tree limbs, Big Gov’t prunes liberty and economic prosperity.
Bottom line: In order to starve a Hurricane, it needs to be deprived of its energy... warm, humid air; it eventually weakens and goes off into history.
In order to starve the beast we call Big Gov’t, it needs to be deprived of its energy... the countless trillions of phony money flying around a Fiat Money system. It too will eventually weaken as it passes over the stable ground we call the Constitution...
hopefully we can keep it from fading off into history.

In the end you can count on the People to come together and help each other in their hour of need; Neighbors, Friends, & Families.

Jeff Bruzzo
Director & Editor
Island Metro Productions, LLC
Former USAF Weatherman

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