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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Man Says He Faked Obama Birth Certificate

Timothy Birdnow

A man named Ron Polland has admitted to forging the document the Obama Administration presented to the public as his birth certificate, according to Jerome Corsi.

From the article:

When the White House posted online an image of President Obama's purported long-form birth certificate, it also linked to the previously circulated "Certification of Live Birth," the short-form version that had been presented as the only birth documentation available.

However, the short-form certificate to which the White House linked April 27 was a forgery, claims computer expert Ron Polland, Ph.D., who says he made the image himself.

"I made the birth certificate image that was given to the media at the White House press conference held on April 27, 2011," Polland told WND.

"The White House said the black-and-white image is a copy of Obama's 2007 [Certification of Live Birth], but it's not. It is the forgery I created, and I can prove that is the case," he declared

End excerpt.

So where was this guy REALLY born?

I still believe he was created in a lab funded by Soviet spies. Either that, or he was born of a jackal in Rome...

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