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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Environmental Jim Crowe

Timothy Birdnow

This from SEPP:

"Global warming alarmists have been claiming that they must communicate better with the public. Apparently, one of the ways is to try to explain why scientists "the deniers" who do not accept global warming alarmism must be conservative white males. In "Stuff white people like: denying climate change" David Roberts announces a new study to be published attempting to explain this failure of communication. The quote from Chris Mooney, a newly elected director of the American Geophysical Union, is one of several in that post. Apparently, those quoted, especially Mr. Mooney, are incapable of realizing that many people do not accept the threat of dangerous global warming because the science of the alarmists is shoddy. The alarmists fail to empirically verify their claims. [Note: the term climate change is used, even though the alarmists have failed to establish any period of stable climate.]

As if race were important, the day before Roberts posted his piece, two members of the Affordable Power Alliance, Harry Jackson and Niger Innis (Innis is a director of the pioneering equal-rights group, Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)), clearly stated why they oppose the global warming programs of the EPA and others. These programs will significantly increase the costs of electricity, thus lower the disposable income and standards of living for most Americans, particularly the poor. The programs will result in electricity shortages when demand is greatest, during the hot weather causing greater sufferin"

End excerpt.

So, they are now falling back on the liberal failsafe; racism. That charge used to be devastating, and guaranteed silence from many out of fear. No more; it has been bandied about far too much, and it is no longer tenable without supporting evidence. As noted above, AGW alarmism hurts women and minorities the most, and is the more guilty of racism. It assuages white liberal guilt - and both enhances their power and makes them lots of money (think Al Gore) - at the expense of the poor who suffer most from the politics of scarcity. Since minorities make up a larger share of the poor, it is fundamentally racist.

Let's face it; Al Gore is THE MAN. A rich white southernor making lots of money off a scam designed to raise the cost of living. Think how lilly white most AGW alarmists are; George Monbiot, Michael Mann, Phil Jones, etc. etc. Even our esteemed First Black President is half Irish, part Arab, grew up in Hawaii as the grandchild of lilly-white grandparents. He should be called Oreobama; black on the outside with a white creamy filling!

And he is in bed with the rest of these rich white dudes in this.

Who really represents minority interests here? Certainly not the Alarmists. Oh, but they'll give subsidies to offset increased costs, keeping the black folks on the plantation. It's like the end of slavery; they'll have no where else to go. Either serve or starve!

AGW is environmental Jim Crowe.

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