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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shale Gas in England

Timothy Birdnow

Now England has found huge reserves of shale gas.

First Poland and now England. The Russians will not be pleased.

This is no idle concern; Russia has traditionally used foreign aggression to cover up a bad economy, and the Russian economy is set to tank if her energy market dries up. The Middle East is a prime spot to become active, and this could touch off another world war.

Discovery of new energy sources is good - very good - but there are many vested interests who will not be happy about a worldwide drop in price. Obama certainly wouldn't be; remember his statement that he wished the gas prices would have risen more slowly back before he was elected?

And nations like Russia, like Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. won't be pleased to lose value on energy in general. More gas means less oil is needed in the long run. The plans so carefully laid out to dominate the energy markets are ruined, and something must be done about it. Ditto the U.N.'s careful plans to brown-out the West and establish a worldwide socialist utopia.

These are dangerous times.

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