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Friday, September 09, 2011

Weiner District Update

Jack Kemp

In a follow up to my piece on Democrats not polling well in New York's 9th Congressional District as well as former Democrat Mayor Ed Koch endorsing the Republican, there is a near panic by the Democrats that is reflected in my phone (I live in the district) ringing off the hook.

Even though this Congressional District could easily be eliminated because of the 2010 Census, the Democrats are desperate to make a show of winning here to shore up general voter support for Obama and Jewish support in particular. In the last two weeks, I have been subjected to multiple robot telephone polls from the Democratic Party and some teachers' organization I assume is affiliated with the Democrats - plus an actual live interviewer poll from Siena College. I talked to the actual pollster but hung up on the robot poll calls. One can assume others have received the same 2-3 calls in one day that I have.

The Ninth District race is heavily influenced by such issues as the past conduct of Anthony Weiner, Gay Marriage (Democrat candidate and orthodox Jew David Weprin voted for it in the NY State Assembly), the Obama administration's lack of support for Israel, the economy in general and Weprin's support for the Ground Zero Mosque, another unpopular move. What normally would be very safe district for Democrats has turned into a neck and neck race which no one can today predict because the Democrats of 2011 look like the 1960s Yippie Party.

With no primary preceding it, the vote for new Congressman will be held on September 13th, just days away. The Republican Bob Turner, someone that Weiner defeated by 20 points in 2010, could be our new Congressman. Whatever happens, the Big Apple cart has already been greatly upset.

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