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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another look at Uncle Joe's scare tactics

Dana Mathewson

There have been a number of stories relating to "Crazy Uncle" Joe Biden's rant about how his boss's "Jobs Bill" (read: Stimulus II) needs to be passed or rapes and murders in this country will go up. He insisted that rapes in Flint, Michigan have tripled in the last year or so -- made quite a point of it, in fact, even jabbing a reporter who questioned him in the chest.

In this article, the Washington Post, no less, does some fact-checking and in the process jabs Biden right back, showing that in the last three years Flint -- not exactly a quiet, gentle town -- has shown reported rape instances going down, even with fewer policemen on the street.

Amazing! This is the WaPo, folks! Will wonders never cease?

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