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Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Romney

Dana Mathewson

He's the MSM's favorite Republican, as we all know. That should tell us something -- we don't want him. Also, John Hawkins ("The Listmeister") has provided this excellent article providing us with a number of reasons why we should shy away from him.

One of them, no surprise, is RomneyCare. Another is that he's no conservative.

Yet another reason is that he has a different answer to every question every day. I believe I've already mentioned that I have a very astute friend who lives in New Hampshire, who sat across from Mitt at a town hall-style meeting there a few weeks ago and asked him questions. When I asked him what he thought of Mitt (and at that time my friend didn't know my feelings about Romney), he said "I got the distinct impression that he'd tell you what he thought you wanted to hear."

But I don't want to give the show away -- read the article.

Here's another one, from yesterday -- for the wimps who think RomneyCare was benevolent, and/or who think that ObamaCare is just the thing:

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