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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Is the White House a conductor of the Occupy Wall Street orchestra?

Dana Mathewson

Check this out, sports fans! You will recognize many familiar names in this article! In fact, I predict you will read this and say to yourself "Aha... not surprised at that one -- OMG, him too?" Etc.

It just gets juicier and juicier.


I fear that the title has it backward; the White House is the conduit, not conductor. This is the culmination of the radicals attempt to seize power. This is what Glenn Beck refers to as "top down, bottom up, inside out"; people at the apex of power financing and fostering revolution in the streets, followed ultimately by a radical reconstruction of our institutions. The top down DID start IN THIS INSTANCE from the White House but it was ultimately planned and executed by others on the top i.e. Soros and a cadre of leftist political and industrial leaders. Obama happens to be their "nominee". He's not wrong, exactly, but it rather oversimplifies to place this at the steps of Pennsylvania Avenue.

The People who first recruited Bill Ayers and others like him are seeing the culmination of their life's work. Soros said not too long ago that he was reaching that very thing - and by culmination of his life's work he means the collapse of the United States and free market capitalism.

We have been asleep at the wheel. Even the Reagan era saw the growth of statism and government, as social issues continued to move leftward and the schools had radicalized, creating a new generation even more committed to "the cause" of socialism. We dithered, fighting battles on a purely political field and putting forward our own statist (George W. Bush) who may, in the end, have been even more dangerous than a liberal Democrat because he was within our own walls. The Left won the culture war. We lost an entire generation to the Dark Side. Concepts that were abhorrent to previous generations - homosexual marriage, for instance - are now considered matters of human rights. Hillary Clinton couldn't get socialized medicine through; at the time it was considered an abomination, and that was just a couple of decades ago. Now it is here.

Now the Left believes their time has come. Yes, the White House is orchestrating some of this, but the Obama Administration is the product of, not the source of, the leftist revolution.

But what the Left won't tell us is that they are not in a majority in their views, and they, like the first tyrant who tricked first the Angels and then Man into falling, must use subtrefuge and duplicity. Soros must spend his billions to astroturf a movement that does not really exist. The 2010 elections proved that the public does not want the revolution, but the Tides Foundation and other leftist groups pay for the foot soldiers to show up - and a complicity media hypes them to make it appear that the tides of history are moving in their direction. It's bandwagoning, pure and simple; many will get on board because others are doing it. The media did everything it could to stop the Tea Party, which really WAS a grassroots movement.

And those movements may ultimately clash; we may be on the verge of civil war; violence will escalate on the Left, especially if they do not get their way.

Of course, Barack Obama swore an oath to the Constitution, not to care for the people as he sees fit. Same for Congress. Same for all of our public servants. Dante Alligheri places such people in the lowest parts of Hell.

I shudder to think of the fate of many who think to change times and laws. They have no right, and must lie to advance their kingdom.

Now, it's up to us to stop them!

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