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Monday, October 17, 2011

Ecocide and Geo-Genocide

Timothy Birdnow

Ecocide - the coming thing in international law.

Seems that there is a sizable number of people wanting to make a new category of crime, granting rights to the planet as if it were really some sort of personality. This fits with the deification of Gaia, the super-organismic dream of James Lovelock and other neo-pagans. I wrote about this sort of thing in Return of the Old Gods; a Challenge to Green Evangelicals at American Thinker.

One question; if we are going to grant the planet rights, does that make the planet culpable for natural disasters not related to human actions? Can that temper-tantrum throwing old bag be charged with crimes for earthquakes, for famines and floods? If people can be charged with ecocide, why can't Mother Earth be charged with genocide? Seems to me more species have died out from acts of nature than planets died from human behavior.

Let's haul that bitch into court for the the Permian Extinction Event! Mother Nature certainly has more to answer for than does Man.

Maybe she deserves to be punished with Global Warming? That may be our best way of imposing sentence on that mass murdering harlot.

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