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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

OWS to go to Busch Stadium

Jack Kemp forwards this piece from American Thinker:

There are days when even the most optimistic of us feels drained and overwhelmed by the unprecedented corruption and incompetence of the Obama administration. The current protests being staged around America (and the World) are particularly disheartening. Today KMOX in St. Louis reported that the Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning to disrupt the World Series.

"Facebook chatter from the protesters suggests they are casting their eyes of Busch Stadium, coveting the national media spotlight surrounding the series.
Among the ideas floated among group members online: A massive rally, pitching tents around Busch Stadium or sending a streaker onto the field during the game "to send a message."

End excerpt.

The thought of a group of OWS zombies stirring up trouble at the World Series made my blood boil!
As I worked my way through today's email I opened a message from my friend and fellow patriot Mary Joestgen which simply said "This is great!" The You Tube video message delivered by Barbara from Harlem is a real inspiration. Listen to Barbara's message and feel the power, feel the love of country and believe in the future!

End AT excerpt.

A note from St. Louisan Tim:

Good luck with that; I relish the vision of Fredbird beating a disruptive protestor senseless with Pujoles homerun bat! Baseball is like a religion here.

I wish I weren't incapacitated. As readers know, I've suffered some problems from heart failure and will be unable to attend; it really is too bad. This would be blogger gold, and a lot of fun to boot!

But this is illustrative of the differences between the Tea Parties and the Occupy Wall Streeters; the Tea Parties were about substance, about the national discussion, about pushing for positive change. There were no theatrics. OWS is all about astroturfing a movement, and it requires publicity stunts. Disrupting sporting events is not going to alter the discussion a bit, but is designed to make people THINK that there are more of them than there are, and that they are more influential. It's designed to sew chaos, to shock. It is, in my opinion, proof of the relative weakness of OWS; they have to scream because people aren't listening to them. The Tea Party just had to show up.

So we shouldn't be surprised at these types of stunts. Ultimately this is proof that we surround them, and they know their relative weakness. Yes, the media has trumped them up, but in the end there are far fewer of them than of us.

Now let's Play Ball!

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