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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The ABC's of Amnesty

Timothy Birdnow

John Hayward has a great piece at Human Events that puts the illegal immigration issue into proper perspective.

From the article:

"We were told the last amnesty deal would solve the problem. Now there are twice as many illegals, and we’re told we have no choice but to cook up another amnesty deal. What are you going to do, round up 12 million people and shovel them across the border? Yesterday’s government failure becomes tomorrow’s inescapable destiny. We hear this argument in many areas beyond illegal immigration.

One of the ways our immigration debate is distorted is through the expectation of instantaneous success… or, more to the point, the assessment of instantaneous failure. Our choices are either immediate deportation of 12 million souls, or blanket amnesty for immigration scofflaws, with a stopwatch used to measure the progress of either approach.

Why don’t we try the kind of common-sense enforcement proposals that prompt Eric Holder to sue the daylights out of any state that passes them, and see where that gets us? Maybe the remainder of the illegal population will be easier to deal with, from the standpoints of both fairness and humanity, once there aren’t 12 million of them anymore. Can we at least try cleaning out the drunk-driving tax-evading document forgers before we declare the problem insoluble?

The imperative to write off border security and immigration enforcement as impossible, after the kind of half-hearted attempts we’ve witnessed from the federal government, raises the hackles of law-abiding citizens who are being micro-regulated within an inch of their lives. Will the illegal aliens who get busted for failing to comply with ObamaCare be deported? Somehow our compassionate mega-State seems comfortable with monitoring, controlling, and punishing far larger populations than those 12 million illegals… when it really wants to.

Law-abiding citizens are also subjected to many lectures about the need to “pay their fair share” and provide benefits for the common good. Supposedly everyone is contributing to provide the collective benefits of government – at various finely-tuned “progressive” levels, of course. Why should they be sanguine about the prospect of a large group barging into the system, ignoring laws it doesn’t like, and digging into the government benefit buffet? When do they “pay their fair share?”'

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