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Friday, November 25, 2011

Obama's Tin Ear to Christmas in New York

Jack E. Kemp

Obama will be going to a gay rights fundraiser at the NY Sheraton (7th Ave. & 53rd Street) on the same night as the Rockefeller Center tree lighting at 50th Street between Fifth and Sixth (officially called "Avenue of the Americas) Avenues. This will cause a gridlock nightmare in midtown Manhattan next Wednesday. If that weren't enough, teen hearthrob Justin Bieber will be performing there.

Typically, Christians come from all around New York City to see the tree lighting which is carried nationally on NBC television, the resident of the GE Building (30 Rockefeller Center - or 30 Rock, for short) directly behind/west of the Christmas tree. This will inconvenience the Christmas (not merely "winter") holiday crowds and punish them, de facto, for wanting to share in the Joy of their holiday season in a busy New York City.

As the New York Post states it,

"President Obama has an unwelcome holiday gift for New Yorkers — he’ll be coming to Midtown the same day the streets will be impossibly clogged by the Rockefeller Plaza tree-lighting ceremony. He has picked Wednesday, one of the busiest gridlock-alert days of the year, to descend on the area with his motorcade for a fund-raiser and party."

On December 6th, 2006, the Federal government raided Swift meat packing plants around the US to remove a number of illegal alien workers, many from Mexico.
Since this day was The Virgin of Guadalupe Day and Hispanics are a group that Democrats want to impress "how much they care," the Dems became very "outraged" about hurting the feelings of these worshipers of Christ. However this December in New York, Christians of all ethnic nationalities (and there are many New Yorkers of Puerto Rican and Dominican origin) are okay to inconvenience. Granted, this isn't a religious holiday, but it is part of the Christmas season celebrations.

In 1998, some Democrat Jews in Congress and their liberal Jewish supporters were making a big stink about The House Judiciary Committee releasing a video of President Clinton's testimony concerning his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. The tape was released on Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. They claimed it hurt their religious sensibilities. As if they couldn't read the papers a day later. These are the same Democrats who now say nothing when Obama calls for a return to Israel's 1967 (really 1949 Armistice) indefensible borders. If you want to split hairs as to whether these are two equivalents situations, look up "If I forget thee, O Jerusalem" in a Bible and get back to me.

So how come Democrats aren't protesting Barack Obama's clogging the streets in mid December in New York as being insensitive to Christians? Perhaps they believe that since Obama is the REAL Messiah, any public celebrations related to Jesus are merely those of a secondary prophet. You may laugh at my sarcasm, but there's more truth to my previous sentence than meets the eye. Would Obama clog the streets with a motorcade near the Islamic Center of Washington, DC, during a major Muslim holiday celebration?

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