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Monday, November 14, 2011

Global Warming is Natural

Timothy Birdnow

Two new papers determine that the warming of the twentieth century was natural, part of a normal curve and a result of sampling errors.

The conclusion:

"LL demonstrates that the 20th century’s global warming was predominantly a natural 100-year fluctuation. The leftovers are caused by UHI, the warming effect by increasing station elevation, changes to the screens and their environments in the 1970s, variations in the sun’s magnetic field that could influence the amount of clouds, warming caused by increasing anthropogenic CO2, and further unknown effects. However, the station density over the Earth is strongly irregular, which makes any global record but also the results given by LL disputable. The SH stations of the GISS data pool show less warming (resp. stronger cooling) than the NH ones. Since the available stations worldwide are concentrated in the NH, the real mean of the 20th century warming could be even somewhat smaller than LL have evaluated. LU and LL compared with BEST reveal differences in the following items:

the magnitude of the 20th century warming,
the 19th century cooling (not present in BEST),
the exceptional small standard deviation of BEST."

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