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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Canada to withdraw from Kyoto treaty

Dana Mathewson

Let's hear three loud cheers for our neighbor to the north! It's to be announced that they are withdrawing from the Kyoto treaty when it comes up for renewal.

"[Environment Minister Peter] Kent said in the House of Commons on Nov. 22 he won't sign a document at the Durban conference that extends the Kyoto targets.

"Canada goes to Durban with a number of countries sharing the same objective, and that is to put Kyoto behind us," Kent said."


"Kent told The Canadian Press that the Kyoto Protocol is out of date because it excludes major emitters among developing nations, including China, India and Brazil.

"He also said that previous governments had failed to devise a strategy to hit the accord's targets.

"Those targets are now out of reach, and the Conservative government has set other, more modest targets while vowing to press the big polluters among developing nations to sign a deal with their own emissions-reduction targets."


Now if only our administration would get that smart. Last I knew, we weren't signators to this, but I know our administration is in favor of Kyoto.

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