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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Leftists prefer borders closed to Pilgrims in 1620

Jack Kemp

It is interesting that, in the case of the Pilgrims, the left wants to refer to them as illegal immigrants. A 1621 peace treaty belies this. Also, the Indians suffered from a lack of written laws and "No Trespassing" signs on the beach.
There is no word on whether the Tulane professor making this claim will be giving up her home to some local Native American tribe...

I recall Hillary Clinton in her 2008 campaign talking to a Hispanic woman who confessed to being an "illegal." To this, Hillary replied, "No woman is illegal."

As the article at Newsbusters states, this is what your children will be exposed to in college. And the piece also discusses Rush Limbaugh's annual reading of "The Truth About Thanksgiving." Here's an excerpt:

Melissa Harris-Perry: Pilgrims Were Illegal Immigrants, Indians 99 Percenters

By Jack Coleman | November 26, 2011 | 08:34

Did you know the Pilgrims were not only illegal immigrants, but part of that reviled economic elite known today
as the one percent? At least according to Tulane professor and MSNBC contributor Melissa Harris-Perry

Here's Harris-Perry on Al Sharpton's radio show earlier this week reaching for new heights in revisionism (audio)

SHARPTON: Give me your idea of the kinds of things people ought to deal with this Thursday when their families and friends get together.

HARRIS-PERRY: You know, it's an interesting question. I've been thinking a lot about Thanksgiving and the moment that we're in because, you know, our economic crisis right now is highly tied to the European economic crisis and so I was thinking about kind of what is that first Thanksgiving when these illegal immigrants from Europe come over and are fed by the people of the actual Americas, the Native and indigenous people, you know, here on this land, that they are trying to escape religious prosecution and persecution in Europe and then you have the Europeans basically calling them dirty, no good, worthless, basically 99 percenters, right? And all of that is now playing out in a different way as we see the 99 percent pushing back against this idea that the elites are the only one that deserve to have a Thanksgiving dinner. All of that.

Once again, that was Tulane University, for you parents of soon-to-be college age children. Consider yourself warned.

Harris-Perry is not alone in her take on the Pilgrims as illegals scurrying surrepitiously into America. That's also how they were depicted on the cover of this week's New Yorker.

But such a premise begs the question -- were the Pilgrims actually here illegally?

Apparently not to those who would have had a basis for making this claim -- the Native Americans who lived in southeastern Massachusetts. In fact, their leader, Wampanoag sachem Massasoit, agreed to a treaty with the Pilgrims in March 1621, just three months after the English colonists landed at an abandoned Indian village whose inhabitants had been decimated by smallpox.

Peace between Pilgrims and Wampanoag would endure for more than a half-century, until King Phillip's War in 1675, when their grown children could not resolve the differences between them.

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