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Monday, November 21, 2011

Hansen at it Again

Monday wouldn't be complete without a Glow-Bull Warming article. Well, this is close. Dr. James Hansen, NASA's chief blowhard in the Church of Global Warming, is in the news again.

Has he recanted? Nope. Has he presented new "evidence" to support his failed theories? Nope.

But he's proven he should be a member of the president's administration. Yes, folks, it's just been learned that over the past few years he has forgotten to pay some of his income taxes!

FTA: "Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President of the Science and Environmental Policy Project, comments:
NASA’s James Hansen is back in the news for two reasons.

"He has a new paper claiming that the Moscow heat wave during 2010 and the Texas heat wave during 2011 provide a form of statistical proof of global warming. The pause in warming must be justified somehow! The study was quickly refuted by several commentators, most devastatingly by Lubos Motl.

"The second reason Hansen is in the news is that he failed to report some $1,600,000 of outside income over several years as required by his contract for government employment."

Dear readers, I'd say throw the guy in jail -- he could choose his roommate from the following: Tim Geithner, former senator Tom Daschle, Rep. "Cholly" Rangel, and probably just about anybody else in Washington with a "D" after his name.

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