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Monday, November 21, 2011

Excusing Qaddafi

Dana Mathewson

As I'm sure you know, liberals get all warm and fuzzy when thinking, talking, reading or writing about tyrants. They love to excuse them and try to justify them. This is why, for example, SecState Hillary Clinton recently referred to Syria's Assad as a "reformer," when anyone with his head on straight knows he's nothing of the sort.

Steven Hayward recently wrote the following article, which sheds some light on the subject. This is mostly about the recently-departed guy from Libya, he of the many spellings, of which Qaddafi is as good as any.

I found this one linked on Power Line, from which the following delicious information came: "Dartmouth professor Dirk Vandewalle . . . explained on NPR that Qaddafi’s bizarre squad of all-female “Amazon” bodyguards was not evidence of the usual tyrant’s indulgence in kinkiness, but arose from his “attempt to improve the situation of Libyan women.”

"And the whole point about the amazons, as they were called, the female guards around Gadhafi and so on, was in a sense Gadhafi’s attempt to improve the situation of Libyan women, and so he created a military academy specifically for women and so on. (snip) He was a pretty austere man, as we know from one of the WikiLeak cables, and he was also a very devout Muslim. Indeed, most of the pictures that you see of him particularly in the first decade after taking over are him praying in the desert."

"Well, it was inevitable that the details would spill out that Gadhafi was a Viagra-munching junkie who bedded up to six women a day."

Just the sort of guy liberals love to party with.

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