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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Leftist Study Again Calls Conservatism a Mental Disorder

Timothy Birdnow

Recently I wrote about the Left's endless efforts to make Conservatism into a medical condition so it could be treated, and discussed the new technology which could be used to "cure" us. Here is yet another example.

According to Fox News;

"The paper, by University of Tampa professor Marcus Arvan, claims to find "significant" correlations between key antisocial personality traits and bedrock conservative views, like opposition to gay marriage and support for capital punishment. Specifically, the research claims to find elements of narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism, also described as "deception," among test subjects."

End excerpt.

Here is the kicker;

'"It's not to say that those people are certifiably crazy," he said.

Rather, Arvan claimed to find among conservatives glimmers of the three so-called "dark" antisocial traits he tested for -- and generally did not find signs of those traits among those with liberal views.

"The results should at least be a bit disturbing in a certain kind of way," Arvan told"

End excerpt.

Disturbing, indeed, but what makes it disturbing is that such an individual as Arvan holds a position at a major university. The sad reality is this is a form of projection, in which the accuser believes those he does not agree with hold the very traits that he and his ilk themselves possess. Projection is a verified psychological trait.

After all, is there a bigger Narcissist than Barack Obama? Than William Jefferson Clinton? Nancy Pelosi? Aren't the rapes and assaults in the Occupy Wall Street protests indicative of psychopathy? We did not witness any such things in the Tea Party protests, after all. Most assassination attempts on famous individuals were conducted by liberals, after all. And Machiavellianism? When Capitol Hill was attacked with Anthrax, Democrat Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert agreed to close the Capitol. At the last moment Daschle reneged on this deal, making Hastert and the GOP look cowardly. This is Machiavellian; Daschle put politics above the safety of people. Bill Clinton did this regularly, with his hatchet men trashing innocent people to protect his reputation. Someone killed Linda Tripp's cat and slashed her tires because she was making accusations against the President. Remember what was done to Ken Starr? We can go back farther; does anybody remember Robert Bork? Clarence Thomas? Reagan Interior Secretary James Watt? Spiro Agnew? How about Sarah Palin? These people were all targeted under the Saul Alinsky rule about "pick your target, freeze it, personalize it". Read Alinsky to learn which side is Machiavellian. Read about Stalin, about Lenin. It wasn't a group of Tsarists who murdered Tsar Nicholas and his entire family.

There are no comparable examples of conservatives doing this sort of thing. Which side exhibits these traits?

Yet this pseudo-scientist makes such bold claims based on subjects he recruited on the internet. How does he even know they aren't plants? But then, according to the Patriot Post;

"It would seem that Dr. Arvan is quite the psychologist. However, the University of Tampa lists his specialty as "social and political philosophy and ethics," and his "primary avenues of research [as] social justice and human rights." Even Arvan has problems with his published findings, saying more research is needed to follow up on his study. He also hedges that many positive personality traits may also correlate with conservative views, adding, "It's not to say that those people are certifiably crazy." On the sane side of life, qualified people challenge Arvan's study. We can't wait for his bookend study on the admirable psychological traits of leftists"

End excerpt.

But we will not hear this; this will be glossed over in favor of the research itself, which is doubtlessly astonishing in terms of methodology.

We've seen this over and over; the Left is determined to paint us as sociopaths, so they can "cure" us.

Who are the Sociopaths?

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