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Friday, December 30, 2011

Apocalyptic Year-End Prediction

Timothy Birdnow

We are reaching the end of 2011 and the predictions for the upcoming year will start to fly. They are going to be many and varied, and some credible while others ridiculous. Mine won't, I hope, be ridiculous, but it may be a bit apocalyptic.

Here goes!

I think that 1.Iran will develop a nuclear weapon and 2.the United States will deploy missile defense in Israel.

The Great Bambino, Barack Hussein Soetero Obama, or his replacement will order the deployment of our "Star Wars" missile defense as the only action short of starting WWIII. From what I am given to understand, Iran has a good deal of it's nuclear program in deep bunkers, perhaps too deep for a simple airstrike. They have spread the program out, meaning multiple targets will have to be attacked. The Chinese are backing Iran.

As Robert Romano points out at Net Right Daily:

But not so fast. China has warned that it would protect Iran if it came to war. In an interview with, Chinese general Zhang Zhaozhong has said that “China will not hesitate to protect Iran even with a third world war.”

China is currently Iran’s number one destination for oil and gas exports, making it a strategically important country for the Chinese. In fact, the relationship goes back many years. In the Iran-Iraq War, Iran bought Chinese weapons, and is considered to be a Chinese satellite.

But would an attack on Iran’s nuclear capabilities really provoke China? It may depend on how much time and money the Chinese have spent developing those capabilities over the years. Several Chinese firms are said to be aiding the program’s development according to the Obama Administration, lending credence to the fears.

After all, why would the Chinese invest billions in developing a program just to watch it all go up in smoke?

But even if China were not to defend Iran’s nuclear weapons program, it might still take other moves in retaliation. For example, its long dispute with Taiwan comes into view and might be seen as leverage to deter an attack on Iran.

Both U.S. allies, Israel and Taiwan are largely isolated and are said to depend on American security guarantees for their very existence. If it ever comes to war, the U.S. has promised to assist both nations.

Which makes what happens in Iran all the more important, especially if one believes that China and the U.S. would both honor their commitments. Could Iran’s development of a nuclear weapon lead to conflict between the two powers?

That is a possibility that should have all Americans concerned.

End excerpt.

And don't forget the Russians; they are selling intermediate-range missiles to Iran, and have been aiding their program with machine parts for centrifuges and nuclear material. The Russians have been backing Iran as a counterweight to U.S. forces in the Middle East, and the Russian strategic plan to dominate energy flow to Europe depends on Iran.

The Obama Administration has taken no visible moves to prevent the Iranian government from obtaining nuclear weapons (except. perhaps, the Stuxnet virus) and seem content to allow Iran to have the ultimate weapon. Iran has been working dilligently to develop delivery systems as well.

Which makes a possible future deployment of a Star Wars system all the more reasonable. But it would have to be deployed closer to Israel to protect her, methinks. This would get the Russians off our backs about missile defense (at least temporarily) and would "solve" the Iranian problem for the time being. It would be a last-resort effort from Obama, but it's the way he does things; kick the can down the road.

And that is precisely what that would be doing. Missile attacks may be averted, but an Iranian nuke could still be smuggled into Israel. Much like Virgil Salozzo in The Godfather, killing Tel Aviv is the key (actually Salozzo's key was killing Don Corleone); everything else falls in line once that is done. There are numerous ways to deliver nukes; they really aren't THAT large physically. They could be brought in by ship, by truck, etc. But Obama doubtlessly still believes that he can tAlk the Iranians out of nuking Israel, and this stop-gap would solve a number of problems. It's the way he works; wait until options have run out then take the only course left.

I am mindful of the Biblical description of Armegeddon; the Anti-Christ makes a pact with Israel, protecting her for a period of time. When the War breaks out it is fought not with missiles and bombs but with regular standing armies "and all the armies of the world" as Revelation puts it. A missile defense would make this scenario likely.

And of course a large American presence would be necessary to safeguard the system. They could double as policement during the time of "peace".

Visions of Ezekial and Revelations aside, this would be a logical if not sensible move, and I would not be surprised if Obama would announce this some time next year. Logical but not sensible; such a technological dragon would be an obvious magnet for terrorists, and would bring the Muslims from all over to attemtp to smash it.

Now, deployment of such a system is hideously complex and I may be dead wrong in my assumptions. Perhaps it can't be placed in the region? But I suspect it can, and I suspect that, just maybe, Obama will do exactly that, rather than launch a world war. The man has a yellow streak running so far down his back he could be anchored in the middle of the Atlantic and not fear drifting away; he'd have a yellow tether reaching back to Michelle in Chicago. This guy would never dare play brinkmanship with the Russians and especially the Chinese. Who will buy up the mountains of debt he's amassing if he cheeses the Chicoms off?

At any rate, that's my crazy year end prediction. Note that I've gotten all the goodies in; Biblical prophecy, atomic weapons, high tech gadgets, the anti-Christ, the end of the world, the Russians and Chinese, and of course radical Islam. Sorry I couldn't work in the Bildebergers or the Council on Foreign Relations, but you may infer they are involved in this, too! And of course, don't forget George W. Bush, who also failed to act, thereby making this all possible!

Take a bow!

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