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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Like Ross Perot's Crazy Aunt in the Basement

Jack Kemp

Remember when Ross Perot referred to our National Debt (then amounting to $3.9 billion) as being like the "crazy aunt we keep down in the basement" during the 1992 Presidential campaign?

Well, Charles Hurt has a new crazy relative from Washington, DC, comparison. Below is the link and the opening sentences.

HURT: Congress — the Christmas relative from hell
By Charles Hurt
The Washington Times


Last week’s dramatic, down-to-the wire legislative hokum to “rescue” millions of Americans from a $1,000 tax increase on the stroke of the New Year reminds us once again how Congress really is that whining, self-absorbed nightmare of a relative that every family must endure.
And it is here, around the holidays, that they are always at their basket-case worst.

That’s because it is a season when most Americans take a little time off from work, gather with family, watch a little football and exchange gifts with the ones they love.

For the psychologically unfit, such as those who populate Congress, this is pure torture. Not only are they incapable of sharing joy with others, the thought of other people’s happiness exhausts and pains them.

Most offensive of all, it is simply a season that threatens to be about someone or something other than themselves.

So, the doorbell rings. And in she walks, mascara smeared down her cheeks, launching right away into another harangue about all the slights of the past year. At first, everyone tries to listen. But eventually, little unintended glances and innocent comments cause her to spaz out and wildly feign anxiety attacks at the dinner table.

And so it is with Congress. All year long, they have been useless and unemployable mooches. Then comes Christmas and they are seized by the reality that nobody likes them and that everything really isn’t all about them.

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