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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Eyes on Newt

Timothy Birdnow

The Birdnow boys seem to be in a foul mood these days. I just got done ripping Newt Gingrich at Conservative HQ
and Project Shining City, and now (quite independently) my brother Brian takes a few potshots at the Gingrich-who-stole-Christmas (for younger readers that was a cute little title given Newt for his attempts to rein in the welfare state).

Brian asks Conservatives to consider Newt with care, because he tends to be mercurial, capricious, and unstable. I agree.

Actually, I like Newt although I've always had problems with him. His ego is too big for his britches, and that has lead to a tendency to make his policies about him and not what is right. Gingrich blew the impeachment issue, blew it with "green conservatism", blew it with his support of amnesty, etc. He is, in the end, an establishment guy with a bubbly personality (whereas Mitt Romney is simply an establishment guy without a personality). He will disappoing us if he becomes our nominee.

That said, he's way better than the current squatter tenant of OWH (Occupy White HOuse); it's ironic that he supports the people who are breaking into vacant houses and squatting there, after all.

Still, we should go into this with eyes open. I still believe there has to be someone out there better than the current crop we are being given.

Oh, and folks you might want to catch Mary Grabar's defense of Newt's dissertation (and the attacks of that intellectual titan and lonely heart's club President Maureen Dowd) at Townhall as well.

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