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Sunday, December 18, 2011

My followup letter to my liberal dentist

Jack Kemp

Dear Dr. X,

I was watching an online video made by a security expert named Dr. Michael Ledeen at

In the video, Ledeen spoke of an Israeli drone that went down in Lebanon recently. When the Iranians got it back to their laboratory, the Israeli device promptly blew up, killing some technicians. THAT's when you blow it up, if you know what you're doing.

Ledeen also offered his professional opinion of the US drone that came down in Iran. After talking about the bomb explosions at Iranian bases which he believed these were caused by Iranian dissidents and not Americans or Israelis, he stated that there are conflicting views about the US drone, namely:

If the Iranians can't protect there own bases, how were they smart enough to send out a signal to redirect the drone? Ironically, the Iranians want to trade the drone to the Russians for anti-aircraft missiles. If the Iranians can block radio signals to a drone and redirect it, how come they need new anti-aircraft missiles if they are that smart?

The US drone was maybe a fake with outmoded equipment and sent to further confuse the Iranians about what the US has. Obama asking for it back may have been a deception. It certainly looked bad to many Americans, myself included, when Obama asked for the drone back as if he were begging a favor from a friendly country.

The US drone may be what it appears to be, real.

But in the end, Dr. Ledeen concluded that one cannot know for sure what is the truth about the drone today - and he will keep inquiring.

Myself, I like the Israeli approach.

P.S. I stated previously that the Nazi submarine entered New York Harbor unempeded 18 months after WWII started in Europe. It was more like 28 plus months later.

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