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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Economic Darwinism or Free Markets at Canada Free Press

Timothy Birdnow

We often use terms while not really having a solid definition. One such is Capitalism. It has come to mean in the conservative mind free enterprise, and anyone who believes that government should not own the means of production is called a capitalist. But that's not true, and never has been; tBhe Nazis did not own the means of production, but Fascist economics was a form of socialism nonetheless. By the broad definition of Capitalism employed in modern times the Nazis were disciples of Adam Smith.

And that broad definition suits the Left just fine; they want to tar the Right with charges of being money-grubbing oppressors. But there is a huge difference between the crony capitalism of modern America and the free market standard on which this nation was founded. That is why I cringe when I hear so many conservatives howl over the ad by Newt Gingrich's PAC about Romney and "Vulture Capitalism"; it's as though an attack on bad behavior or even on an unsavory though legal and perhaps even necessary practice is somehow an attack on the free market. The free market and Capitalism are not the same thing.

I discuss this issue at Canada Free Press.

I ask in my article; what is the difference between Bain Capital and George Soros? We cannot exonorate one and condemn the other. Soros is everything that is wrong with the modern economic system.

Also, implied but not stated in the article is the question of why so many of the truly successful Capitalists are so left wing; that has been a question for the ages. I think you will have the answer if you read the piece.

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