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Monday, January 02, 2012

The Mask Slips

Timothy Birdnow

Here comes "atmospheric equity".

The Mask of the Green Death is now slipping, revealing the hideous socialist face beneath.

From the article:

"It is also an idea that is difficult to sell in a world distrustful of idealism and any talk of distributive justice. Even climate change negotiators do not really believe this form of climate-socialism can happen. They will tell you that the world is never going to give up space, that the world is too mean to give money or technology to poor nations for transition to low-carbon growth.

But this is because they forget that climate change is the market’s biggest failure. We cannot use the market for its repair. To avoid catastrophic changes it is essential to reach a collaborative agreement, which will be effective. And cooperation is not possible without fairness and equity. This is the pre-requisite. Take it because we must."

End excerpt.

It's also an idea that is difficult to sell because it is a bad idea with no supporting evidence. It has little to do with a world that distrusts idealism. It DOES have to do with a world that distrusts distributive justice, because that has been the goal of Global Warming from the very beginning.

Climate Change is no failure of markets, because is not real and 2.the worst in terms of dirty emissions has always come from the great utopia that is socialism. Not CO2 emissions, which have come to be called pollution, but are in reality the natural biproduct of almost every biological act, but actual dirty pollution.

Also, the Gang Green wants to keep the onus on the West and particularly America:

"And mind you climate change is not the problem of the present but past contributions. The stock of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has a long life. This means that any discussion on how the carbon cake will be divided, must take into account those gases emitted in the past and still present. So while China accounts for 27 per cent of the annual emissions, in cumulative terms (since 1950) it still accounts for only 11 per cent. Similarly, India contributes 6 per cent to the annual global emissions, but is only responsible for 3 per cent of the stock. The rich countries, with less than a quarter of the world’s population, are responsible for some 70 per cent of this historical burden. This stock of gases is responsible for an average global temperature rise of 0.8°C and another 0.8°C in future, which is inevitable. To keep temperature rise below 2°C, the world needs to cut emissions by 50-80 per cent below the 2000 levels by 2050."

End excerpt.

But since we have had no climate change for the last 16 years, doesn't that make it actually a future problem? If so, shouldn't China be the one to take the heat, since they are moving full steam ahead on industries that will aggravate this problem in the future?

Our emissions in the West have peaked. WE are not the problem anymore. The rise of the industrializing nations is the cause of the growth of atmospheric CO2, so addressing them is the key to the problem. The author of this piece has this flipped on it's head, and deliberately, because he is a socialist and internationalist, and wants to use this issue as a tool against America. He betrays himself here.

But this is a non-issue anyway. None of the predictions made by the models has come to pass. There is no major warming of the tropical troposphere. There is no missing heat in the oceans. There is no increase in worldwide precipitation. The Earth's ice balance remains about the same planetwide. Sea level rise has not increased appreciably. The planet is at a standstill in terms of warming.

Fixing problems that do not exist is an act of madness. Creating problems to fix them and remake the world in the process is not mad but evil. The medusa face is showing from behind the green mask.

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