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Sunday, February 05, 2012

An Evening with William Been; the Masters of Audacity and Deceit

Timothy Birdnow

In 1958 J. Edgar Hoover published a book entitled "Masters of Deceit" in which he warned of the perils of communist infiltration into America's government and society, and suggested ways to defeat what was then understood to be a terrible menace - and is now portrayed by journalists and educators as an hysterical panic on the part of our nation. Declassified Soviet documents show that Hoover was right - as was Joe McCarthy; our government was riddled with communist spies, as was the television and movie industries, and academia. No sequel was ever written to Hoover's work, and most people believe the threat of marxism embedded in our system was overblown and is now gone. They would be wrong.

The sequel - and it's a dozy - has been written by a man named William Been. I wrote a review of Mr. Been's outstanding Masters of Audacity and Deceit in August of 2010 and if anything, his brilliant and exhaustively researched work is even more pertinent today as the plans of the American Progressive movement are now coming to final fruition. This is an absolute must-read for those even marginally interested in the current economic and political crisis.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I was cited as one of the over 720 sources, a minor contribution to a major work of which I am inordinately proud.)

William Been came to St. Louis and gave a talk on the subject.

Mr. Been is not a professional writer, and the project did not originate in some editorial office. Rather, he is simply a man who, like the rest of us, was stunned at sudden claims of a second Great Depression and subsequent catastrophic actions by our government, and, unlike most people who were content to accept the story put out by the media, decided to find answers. What he found was beyond shocking; a web of intrigue, complicity, and devious behavior that would put the most gifted mystery writer to shame - and all of it provable, documented, and not really hidden. You have such players as Frances Fox Piven and her husband/partner Richard Cloward.You have ACORN. You have George Soros. You have Barney Frank, Tim Geithner, Hank Paulson. You have William Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, James, Johnson, Jon Corzine, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and of course the Clintons. You have a web of deceit tying the Community Reinvestment Act, motor-voter laws, civil rights laws against redlining, Goldman Sachs, etc. into a plan to restructure the mortgage industry, creating a clearly artificial bubble, and then bursting it. (Remember the 911 "Truthers" claim that the Twin Towers was a controlled demolition? The crash of the housing bubble is demonstrably a controlled demolition, the "culmination of my life's work" as George Soros would later claim.) Been has done his homework, and ties an astonishingly dizzying array of disparate elements together masterfully. It's difficult to explain, though, and will be even more difficult to explain in sound bytes.

But again, Mr. Been has done his homework, and it shows both in his book and in his presentation. (It should be noted that he had to self-publish the book at first.) He zeroed in on Cloward and Piven as two of the most crucial elements in this saga. Also, he pointed out that James Johnson deserved a chapter at least in the book; Johnson was the head of a panel appointed to look into privatizing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when Ronald Reagan signed reforms to mortgage law. Johnson's panel concluded that privatization was impossible, then was immediately hired by Fannie after that panel was dissolved. He became CEO a few years later, and made tens of millions of dollars off Fannie - and set into motion this whole sordid mortgage bubble. He funneled millions to the Democrats over the years, and they protected him courtesy of Barney Frank, who had a lover as a vice president there.

Mr. Been shows how Leftist organizations like the Center for Policy Studies link to the organizations that are behind much of this, and how ACORN and John Podesta's Center for American Progress still has a strong hand in much of our current policy. He shows how Geithner, Paulson, and Bernanke pulled the rug out on Lehman Bros. (after bailing out Bear Sterns and other big operations) to manipulate the crash that propelled Obama into power.

I could go on, but then this review would need to be at least as long as Mr. Been's book; I would heartily suggest everyone read it instead. It is available here.

At any rate, Been is a gripping speaker, and his presentation was captivating. I knew much of this, having read the book, but was spellbound by this anyway. He really knocked it out of the park.

Any conservative who wants to understand what is happening, how the radicals have seemingly miraculously taken over, would be well advised to read Masters of Audacity and Deceit. They never went away, but have been operating in the shadows all along. They have taken over critical institutions, like education, the media, government, and banking. They have labored tirelessly behind the scenes, dropping the radical pose to achieve radical ends. They have hollowed out this country, scooping out the marrow from the bones of America. They may well have won.

But not yet, and the more Americans know them the weaker they become. We have to disseminate this information. Everyone should read this book.

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