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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mark Steyn on Islamists and (Ozark) Rednecks

Jack Kemp

Reading Mark Steyn's "After America" is mining a treasure trove of insights into how the West, particularly the liberal West, has forgotten its own values and is apologizing for itself to the point of suicide. I urge all to read it or get the audiobook version for their MP3 player.

On page 293, Steyn has a great comparison worthy of the Rush Limbaugh show that he (Steyn) often guest hosts.

"Before Bradford, 57 percent of British Pakistanis were married to their first cousins by the turn of the twenty-first century. If, like most of the experts, you were insouciant about that number and assumed the seductive charms of assimilation would soon work their magic, well, in 1970 the percentage was half that. Back then there were a lot fewer cousins to marry.

...That is why, even though the marital customs of the Pakistani community of New York were little different, you heard not a peep on the subject from brave American urban liberals still cheerfully making sneering cracks about inbred fundamentalist redneck southern hillbillies."


In other words, the next time some condescending liberal makes a crack about Ozark Hillbillies or Southerners marrying their cousins, inform them that this is allowed - and happens often - under Sharia law. Then ask the liberal if they'd care to make the same condescending remark about Muslims. Watch their reaction.

You can also read more about this practice in an article by Colorado rancher, animal breeder and student of Islam Ann Barnhardt called "The Keystone of the Islamic Milleau: Inbreeding" at

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