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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Singing that song in Colo. is conversion to Islam

Jack Kemp

It isn't a mere class exercise in "tolerance." Pam Geller at Atlas Shrugs points out the details of the song that young man in Colorado refused to sing, resulting in his getting death threats and leaving the school.

"Expert Warns Against Singing Islamic Prayer Song that prompted High School student to quit the choir
It is ridiculously easy to convert to Islam. Just say it. Leaving Islam, not so much. For the believers, death is the punishment for apostasy.

Obviously the student who refused to submit to inadvertent conversion was wiser than the rest of the schmucks who went along with the dangerous teacher/choirmaster. He quit the choir. Andthen had to leave school because of the death threats that followed. Of course, the dhimmified school backed the teacher, while keeping the student front and center in the line of fire. Such ignorance is unforgivable.
Abandon the public schools in droves. Home-school. Or consider fully vetted religious and/or private schools. American public schools are dangerous in every way imaginable.
Expert Warns Against Singing Islamic Prayer Song KREX TV
Grand Junction - The same song that prompted one Grand Junction High School student to quit the choir has a surprising religious meaning behind a certain verse within the song known as the Shahada. According to experts, the Islamic prayer song called Zikr has a statement within it that, if stated, comes with potential consequences.
“The Shahada is the Muslim statement of faith, and the simple way of becoming Muslim is to say the Shahada,” said Steve Hagerman, founder of Turkish World Organization. Hagerman said this may pose a problem for those singing the song because they don’t know what’s to come after.

“When they sing the Shahada, they need to realize that to radical and conservative Muslims, they are then becoming Muslims,” said Hagerman. He went on to say that the public should know what’s to come from stating the Shahada, because it could be a death sentence.

"In strict Islam, if you become a Muslim--say the Shadada--then later you revert to the particular religion you once were,” said Hagerman. “Then strict Muslims are supposed to kill you."

Officials at a mosque in Denver told NewsChannel 5 that this idea only exists in Muslim-based countries and is of the most radical of beliefs. They’re of the opinion that no one in the United States should worry about this, especially the students singing the song."

End quote.

It's not "radical," it's devout.

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