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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gay Anchor Spouses

Timothy Birdnow

Proof that American immigration law should be revised:

"In yet another attempt to dismantle marriage, a quintet of same-sex couples, each consisting of one U.S. citizen and one non-citizen, recently filed a lawsuit challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), claiming that it is unduly antagonistic toward foreigners. While opposite-sex foreign spouses of American citizens can typically secure green cards -- signifying permanent legal residency -- same-sex spouses cannot because the federal government does not recognize same-sex unions as marriages. The group representing the couples believes this lawsuit will jump to the forefront of several already challenging DOMA. While the House of Representatives has appointed a legal group to defend DOMA, the president -- who is charged constitutionally with enforcing the laws as chief executive -- announced that his administration will no longer defend the Act. No shocker there, even though DOMA was passed by overwhelming majorities in both houses and signed into law by Bill Clinton."

Courtesy of the Federalist Patriot.

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