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Friday, April 13, 2012

No Palestinian Settlement Possible

Timothy Birdnow

Jonathan Tobin rightly observes that Palestinians will never make a good-faith peace agreement with Israel.

From the article:

"Palestinian nationalism flowered in the last century not as an attempt to recreate an ancient ethnic or national identity or to recover a dying language or culture, as was the case with nationalist revivals in places like Ireland, the Czech Republic or even the Jewish movement of Zionism. Rather, it was a reaction to the Jewish return to the land. Though apologists for the Palestinians contend that it was not a purely negative movement, it is impossible to understand Palestinian nationalism as anything but an effort to prevent Zionism from succeeding. Its essence is the illegitimacy of the Jewish state, and any effort to wean it from that belief constitutes a contradiction that the Palestinian grass roots and its vast refugee diaspora simply cannot accept."

End excerpt.

He's absolutely right, but I fear he may miss the larger picture.

The "Palestinians" - a people composed largely of the children of illegal immigrants to the region who came because of Jewish success - will never sign a peace accord. This is about preventing a "Crusader State" from pushing the Islamic world from a land they have set foot upon. It is the notion that where Islam is planted it shall not be uprooted.

There is a larger purpose at work in the Jewish/Palestinian conflict. The Islamic World wants a return to their former glory, and that can only happen if Israel is driven into the sea.

This is a clash of civilizations. The Islamic world wants to triumph over the Western dogs, and especially over the hated Jews (who bear a special position of dishonor in the Koran and Islamic tradition). A Crusader state in their midst comprised of Jews is intolerable.

That is why the "peace process" is nothing but farce, and why the Palestinians have turned down extraordinariily generous offers in the past. It's not about what benefits the Palestinians but about Islamic supremacy.

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