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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hilary Rosen's Adoptions & the Next Step : Outsourcing Pregnancy or Reproductive Tourism

Jack Kemp

There is another side to the Hilary Rosen attack on Mrs. Romney. Rosen adopted two children and both she and her fellow lesbian partner (since then separated) chose not to carry a child within their bodies. I doubt if both of them couldn't do for health reasons. Rosen is part of a new trend called "Reproductive Tourism" or "Outsourcing Pregnancy," a method by which yuppie careerist women can now have their eggs fertilized in a Petri dish and then hire a low cost pregnancy surrogate mom in India or Egypt or elsewhere to carry the child to term. There are few regulations on this in India today. Think I'm making this up? Look up those two terms on a search engine. Also look up the 2009 documentary "Google Baby" at Also check out this article about a gay guy who started this idea so he could father a child with minimal connections,   in something akin to the book "Brave New World."

How's this for a quote from the article?

Legislators may be hard-pressed to keep up with all of the new uses for surrogacy worldwide. Frank believes that surrogacy will some day be used by women who want to pursue a career without getting pregnant, or women who want to avoid stretch marks, but still want a child. Frank also points to situations where international parents have rejected children after surrogate pregnancy. Frank told The World, that people are viewing these children as products, and "we should let people be more aware that it's not only about jeans or cars, but it’s about babies."


A woman scientist and mother I spoke to said that using an undernourished Indian surrogate raises the likelihood of various diseases and birth defects such as spina bifida.

This is a form of emotional children having children - through indirect methods. So what we have here are careerist women trying to create a child with no father, no nationality and no strong sense of belonging anywhere. And they think they can create a new upper class society based on a variation of importing children as if one were importing running shoes. No wonder these emotionally vacant yuppies cannot reproduce in enough numbers to 1) populate the U.S. and 2) create enough Democrat voters (they rely on foreign nationals, both legal and illegal immigrants, to grow their voter rolls).

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