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Monday, May 07, 2012

German Officials Oppose Frakking

Timothy Birdnow

The Germans are putting the brakes on hydraulic fracturing.

Apparently Economy Minister Philipp Roesler and Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen have come out against the technique, in which water, crushed stone, and chemicals are inserted into drilled wells and break up the rock, freeing oil or natural gas in the process. The possibilities of "frakking" to radically increase world oil and gas supplies are boundless.

That's precisely why the Gang Green continues to nitpick this technique; they envision a world of limited energy, of energy produced through "renewable" techniques like solar and wind, a world where we use watts rather than gigawatts. Their overarching plan was to limit energy usage, to return Man to a more arboreal, more "natural" state, and Peak Oil - the concept that we are running out of oil and gas - was a powerful incentive to encourage the change from fossil fuels to renewables. Frakking is a game-changer, offering huge new sources of fuel, sources not held by the Arabs or Russians. It's a nightmare for the Environmentalists, who just about had their thumbs on the oil spigots.

Energy is a measure of wealth. Rich nations use more than poorer nations, and this critical distinction defines the gap between First and Third World. The Gang Green is egalitarian, seeking to bring the First World down a few pegs to equalize world wealth. Control of energy was a crucial leg of their strategy for redistribution. Frakking shoots their plans to Hades.

So something must be done about frakking. In Germany as elsewhere they are putting up unwarranted concerns over the safety of the process. They have tried to link earthquakes with frakking, for instance.

And, yes, tremors can be caused by frakking, just as building a dam can cause tremors. Any time you put pressure on a fault line you will get a bit of slippage. But it will not cause any major quakes; there just isn't enough pressure, and it isn't widespread enough. This is merely a red herring designed to scare the uninformed. The Environmentalists are trying to buy time.

Time for what? Time to think up something scary enough to ban frakking permanently.

So the Germans, always the greenest of Greens, are against it. That Europe has been the subject of energy blackmail by the Russians and Arabs in the past is immaterial to their overarching ambitions of creating a green utopia. That said utopia cannot exist as long as it is subject to external forces seems lost on these dolts (stop using oil and you will drill for those who kept it - at the point of a gun.)  Whoever ends up with control of fossil fuel winds up controlling the world. "Green" energy is a yoke of servitude willingly fitted to the neck.

Try as they might, the Gang Green and their Luddite ways are yesterday's news. Anyone who doesn't get on board with frakking will be left in the tidal pool of history.

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