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Friday, May 04, 2012

We Will Fight Our Country's Battles, on the Land and on the Sea...

Timothy Birdnow

Leon Panetta is claiming Climate Change is a national security threat.

From the Examiner:

"Defense Secretary Leon Panetta declared global warming a national security threat yesterday during a speech before an environmentalist group in Washington, D.C.

"The area of climate change has a dramatic impact on national security," Panetta told the Environmental Defense Fund last night. "Rising sea levels, severe droughts, the melting of the polar caps, the more frequent and devastating natural disasters all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief."

End excerpt.

Hmm. Interesting. I suppose the marines will be required to stand athwart the Greenland ice sheet with chinese fans to cool it down? Maybe they can each bring a few ice cubes from Paris Island to drop on the melting glaciers?

Certainly, the Marines should make it a court-martial offense to pass gas; the methane released in flatulence is definitely a powerful greenhouse gas.

Oh, wait; they already did that.

I fear Leon Panetta has inhaled a few too many wiffs of methane from his boss.

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