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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Bachman endorses Romney; Bid for Veep?

Timothy Birdnow

Michelle Bachman has finally endorsed Mitt Romney.

If Romney had any sense he would offer her the bottom of the ticket; she could bring the conservatives out for him. It would also guarantee nobody tries to take a shot at him while he's President; no lefty would want to make HER President!

There's talk of Sarah Palin as a possible V.P., but I don't believe she would take it if Romney could bite his lip and offer it. Why get on the Titanic before it's maiden voyage when you know what is coming? If Romney wins the election he will have a mess to clean up, and he will try to clean that mess up with policies that are in line with the Obama policies, thus trying to fix what is broken with the very thing that broke them.

I warn all conservatives; a Romney Presidency will not stop the flow of blood. It may stem it for a time, but Mitt Romney is unwilling to make the hard choices that are necessary at this juncture. The next President is going to take the heat for Obama's mess, and if Romney is the man in the seat he'll be the one with the scorched buns. While the nation cannot afford four more years of Obama, the GOP is going to be HURT by a victory in November; they will have to support the RINO policies of Mitt, and will have to actively defend what must be characterized as neo-Keynsianism, or neo-Rooseveltianism, if you like. WE are going to own this bog of quicksand.

I fear that no matter what, America is going to have a "lost decade" much like Japan in the 1990's and for the exact same reason. We have discarded what we know works in favor of the seductive stupidity of stimulus and the illusion of some sort of control through government intervention. Mr. Romney's vision for America is not one fundamentally different from Mr. Obama's; it's a matter of degree, not of kind. And whoever is at the bottom of the ticket will sink with this ship of state.

I don't believe Sarah Palin will do it. I suspect Bachman might if asked, but I doubt if she'll be asked.

It would be fitting if Jeb Bush were to take the slot; his brother wrecked the conservative movement and it was Bushism that ultimately gave us Obama. We had to defend everything Mr. Bush did during his tenure of office, no matter how stupid, and we have paid dearly. Romney will be more of the same. So perhaps Bush's slightly more conservative brother deserves the slot; he can take the heat for what his patrician family has done to Aemrica.

These are grim times.

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