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Thursday, May 10, 2012

He Should have brought a Luger

Timothy Birdnow

The defeat of GOP dinosaur Richard Lugar got me to thinking about his track record on, well, Lugers. How did the former fossilized fed vote on gun control?

His record, like everything with Lugar, was mixed. He voted to allow guns to be brought on Amtrac trains in checked bags (why not; there's nobody to kill on an Amtrac anyway!) but he upheld strict background screening for gun shows. He DID vote against U.N. restrictions on small arms and against allowing lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

But what is the final lesson to take here? Mixed messages end in mixed results, and Lugar should really have carried a luger. He never held really firm positions, and now his lack of spine will see his political corpse buried in a shallow grave, the victim of a bigger gun.

And it's not just the gun, but the skill of the shootist using it. Luger was from a different era, an era where the GOP tiptoed around, trying not to offend their betters in Congress lest they not be invited to cocktail parties and whatnot. They weren't there to accomplish anything back in the '70's, but to look good and make a show of token resistance on occasion. Lugar was the perfect Senator for that era. He got along to get along. The time for such pretty cowards is over; we need men of action, warriors who will fight to save what is left of our country.

Guns and butter; Lugar was all butter and no gun. He should have learned from his name.

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